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FrackNation Huge Success at NEPA Screenings

Betty Sutliff attended the recent FrackNation screenings in both Honesdale and Montrose, where the venues were packed and most in attendance were favorable towards natural gas development. The following is her reaction to the film and the screenings.

I was able to attend  the showing of FrackNation on Sunday night in Honesdale and the Monday night showing in Montrose.  Fortunately, I was able to find a seat in both theaters, as they were packed with overwhelmingly favorable crowds.  There was even a standing ovation after the show in Montrose.

Packed house in Honesdale for the FrackNation screenings.

The most important thing I came away with after watching FrackNation and listening to the Q&A sessions afterward is the disconnect between some who call themselves journalists, such as Josh Fox, and truth.  Phelim McAleer, producer of FrackNation, pointed out it’s fashionable to say “the truth” is somewhere in the middle, but it’s not.  A is A, and truth is truth.  

Gasland makes me think of Grape-Nuts cereal, which contains neither grapes nor nuts.  Billed as a documentary, Gasland contains neither facts nor truth.  Phelim pointed out that Josh Fox is not a journalist, but a stenographer; he (Fox) interviewed people and just reported what they said, all without vetting anything.  

With that in mind, I am, as an educator, appalled that Gasland is being shown in schools as a documentary.  I feel that, in order to be fair and balanced, any school that has shown Gasland owes it to the student body to show FrackNation as well.

The other thing I felt was compelling during the Q&A was Phelim’s acknowledgement he is in the “12 Step Program” as a recovering environmentalist.  It was after he saw what was happening in Romania that he realized some in the environmental camp were less than honest in the way they pursued their ideology.  He said we are too reluctant here in America to call such people out.

Landowners in Wayne County would have been lucky if Josh Fox only dabbled in mischief making and practical jokes, but his efforts are much more sinister with far reaching consequences.  Gasland, you see, can be compared to Lucky Charms cereal.  The original Lucky Charms cereal didn’t sell well initially.  Then, when it was sugar coated, sales took off. In this instance, Fox sugar coated his fabrications, making them easier to swallow and Gasland took off.  

Sadly, it isn’t the Lucky Charms leprechaun who gets his cereal stolen in this saga. It is the landowners of New York State, Wayne County, Pa., and a nine square mile area in Susquehanna County who are being stripped of much more than breakfast; they’re being denied their property rights and billions of dollars.  

If you have not seen FrackNation, I would strongly encourage you to do so.  Unlike Gasland, it is not sugar coated and it is fortified with facts!  As Phelim said, “Truth is truth.”  Thank you, Phelim, for finding it and telling it.


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