From a ‘BIG DEAL’ to No Comment, Here’s How ‘Exxon Knew’ Activists Reacted to Losing the Climate Case They Had Championed

Prior to the trial in the New York attorney general’s (NYAG’s) case against ExxonMobil, climate activists and members of the media were certain the NYAG’s lawsuit would be the nail in the coffin for the fossil fuel industry. But as trial proceeded, and it became clear that the NYAG had zero evidence to back up its baseless claims that ExxonMobil had misled its investors, its activist allies abandoned the case, reversing their opinion and proclaiming loudly that this wasn’t actually “the climate trial of the century” as they had previously suggested, but instead represented an acceptable loss in an ongoing “war” wherein Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey is suddenly a supreme being of infinite power.

This revisionist history ignores the fact that the NYAG brought its charges under the Martin Act, the most powerful securities law in the country. While the Rockefeller-funded and their allies quickly pivoted to the case filed by Healey, claiming hers is “arguably even more important,” they ignore that Healey is up against even greater odds than the NYAG.

Read more about how activists are changing their story over at EID Climate.

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