Debunking Gasland Part II

As many of you know, we put together a comprehensive debunk of Gasland Part II shortly after the film premiered in New York City in April. Since then, we’ve continued to expose the fraud that forms of the core of both Gasland and Gasland Part II, as well as director Josh Fox’s insistence on repeating false and deceptive talking points about shale development.

But not everyone has the time to read through a 7,000-word blog post that details the laundry list of flaws with Gasland Part II. People are busy, they already know the movie is promoting a nonsensical agenda, but they also want something to digest quickly. What are they to do?

To answer that question, EID is releasing a new, simple infographic that highlights four of the biggest whoppers from Gasland Part II: well “failure” rates, greenhouse gas emissions, regulatory compliance, and that infamous flaming hose. Granted, we’ve covered each of these in individual posts (see here, here, here, and here, respectively), but now we have a one-stop shop for folks who need to debunk Gasland Part II on the go!

You can download the infographic here, and it’s also embedded below. Enjoy!

eid infographic


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