Gasland’s “Burning Desire” to Protect Pennsylvania’s Waterways?

PA DEP, Local Twp. Slap New York City-Based Fox Family With Violations, Igniting Further Debate

In Film, Josh Fox Strikes a Pose in
Calkins Creek, Calls It “Source of All Life” …
… Meanwhile, Fox Family Burns Trash in “Close Proximity” to that Source, Drawing Cease-and-Desist Order from DEP

From the film: “Now, I’m not sure how many of you have direct experience with streams. When I was growing up, you could run up and down the stream for miles, for hours and hours on end. I mean, the moment the stream takes a bend, you can walk 10 paces and look back and it looks like a different place. [Calkins Creek] is a place I know, a place that runs through my mind. And it’s always there. And it feels to me like it’s the source of all life. And it is.” (Gasland, 9:29)

“Gasland” property owner cited for violations

Patriot-News, 3/17/11After the township filed a complaint against property owner Michael Fox, DEP’s Northeast Regional Waste Management Program issued a notice of violation for the burning of a house trailer on the property.

According to the local zoning officer, the burning took place close to Calkins Creek, which flows into the Delaware River.

A spokesman for DEP said no fines have been issued and that the notice recommended that Fox “cease all burning activities on the property; remove the remaining burned solid waste on the property and dispose of that material at an approved disposal facility within 30 days.”

DEP puts Fox on notice
Wayne Independent, 3/17/11

The father of  Academy Award-nominated documentary director Josh Fox received a notice of violation from the Department of Environmental Protection for burning a mobile trailer on his property in Damascus Township.

Damascus Township zoning officer Ed Lagarenne said the location of the burning was in close proximity to Calkins Creek, which flows into the Delaware River.

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