Appalachian Basin

Are You Ready to Rock? “Classic Rocks, 153 Years of Performance” Comes to Cleveland

The Ohio Geological Society proudly presents the 41st Annual Meeting of the Eastern Section of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists, as it returns to Cleveland September 22-26.

With Ohio garnering worldwide attention with one of the most exciting energy opportunities on the planet in the Utica Shale, we hope you will join us for this exciting opportunity and join us at the home of Rock & Roll for what will continue a tradition of open and informative technical sessions and networking opportunities with the Geoscientists who are working toward a better understanding of the Appalachian, Michigan, Illinois, and Black Warrior Basins.

Classic Rocks, 153 Years of Performance”  includes the release of 113 original papers that will be presented in ten sessions. These papers cover a wide range of shale development related topics; from techniques to understand it (Source Rock Geochemistry, Petrophysics, and Thermal Maturity) to case studies (Case Histories and Development of Marcellus Shale Reservoirs) to modern drilling and completion techniques (Horizontal Wells: Design Drilling,, Completion and Fracturing Techniques).

A diverse offering of 7 short courses with topics like Petrophysical Evaluation of Mudstone Reservoirs (that’s shale), Uncertainty Modeling and Risk Analysis, and Drilling and Completion Optimization for Horizontal Wells is also offered.

And, if you are looking to get dirty, 3 field trips are offered one of which is Deposition and Geochemistry of the Upper Devonian Cleveland (black) Shale.

The stage is set for the preeminent scientific conference for geoscientists working the basins of eastern North America, and securing America’s energy future.

Are you ready to rock?!?

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