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Got Milk? Congress Lake Farms Does!

I ventured out to Congress Lake Farms in Mogadore, Ohio (Portage County) this week to visit with the Rufener family and find out why their farm is the talk of the town.  Turns out, Kenny and Linda Rufener entered into an oil and gas lease agreement with Chesapeake Energy earlier this year and put all the money they received right back into their business in the form of a first class, state-of-the-art milk parlor! The new facility is not only visually impressive, but also more efficient, lowering the cost of producing milk while increasing income for this family farm.

You can see a picture of the new milk parlor below.  Just one small example of how Utica Shale development is bringing the promise of economic development to the Ohio farm industry in particular and Ohio in general.

The Rufeners (featured in the videos below) immediately reinvested the money they recieved into building a milk parlor to ensure the continued success of their farming operations.  This will not only help them financially in the short-term but will also ensure this treasured family asset can be passed on to the next generation to carry on the family tradition of dairy farming.

Brian Scott (featured in the below video) has been working on the Rufener family farm for nearly a decade and has farmed for just about as long as he can remember. Lets see what a veteran farmer like ol’ Brian has to say about the smooth operating milk parlor.  Without spoiling the surprise he talks about how much more efficiently the operation can collect milk.  The best part is the cows like the parlor too!

In addition to streamlining dairy operations, the new systems also enable the Rufener’s to measure the exact amount of milk each cow produces everyday.  While this may seem like a minor development it ensures the Rufener’s are maximizing their production, gaining optimal profit for their product and ensuring the milk from their cattle is being produced in a safe and humane manner.

All in all this is a great success story.  Due to the presence of natural gas on their property Kenny and Linda Rufener are not only investing in their own future, but also adding to the existing Ohio farming infrastructure that makes it profitable for supporting industries, like veterinarians and suppliers, to stay in the area and prosper. Good news for the Rufener’s, the state of Ohio and happy cows!






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