Growing the Pie: Hydraulic Fracturing Helps Boost U.S. Natural Gas Reserves 35% Higher; Whether HF Opponents Take Notice Is Anyone’s Guess

The New York Times (and Wall Street Journal) reports today that a new study by the Potential Gas Committee – “the authority on gas supplies” — shows the United States holds far larger reserves than previously thought. According to the report, “shale gas accounts for 616 trillion cubic feet of reserves, or a third of the total.”

This report clearly demonstrates that America has the resources necessary to drive down energy costs and decrease our dependence on unfriendly, state-owned energy producers. However, American energy production foes on Capitol Hill are working to see that the environmentally-sound technique known as hydraulic fracturing – a non-negotiable tool in bringing those shale gas resources to market – is brought to a stand-still through duplicative federal regulations and mandates, despite the fact the practice is safe, proven, and already heavily regulated by the states.

And attention is being paid to the jobs and economic growth associated with producing these vast amounts of clean resources. Equal attention, much to the displeasure of fracing opponents, is being paid to the long, clear and demonstrated safety record of this critical practice, too.

Bloomberg TV: “There’s been over 1 million wells that have been fractured and there’s never been a single incident of pollution of the water table as a result of that. But it is an issue that has been raised that potentially goes to EPA. It probably means that you are really going to delay the drilling of wells and probably push prices up.”

Lee Fuller, Energy In Depth’s Policy Director: “Hydraulic fracturing is not dangerous; it has been around for more than 50 years; and it has proved itself to be a safe, effective technology. … This bill isn’t about reporting. It’s about regulating.”

Denver Examiner Columnist: “During both the Clinton and George W. Bush administrations, the EPA as well as several state regulatory bodies conducted investigations of hydraulic fracturing operations and frac fluids. No verifiable instances of frac water contamination of drinking water supplies were found.”

Colo. Co. Commissioners: “The Mesa County commissioners have passed a resolution opposing federal regulation of a drilling technique that uses liquids to fracture rocks to release gas and oil. The resolution, passed Monday, says regulation would raise energy costs and expand the federal bureaucracy.”

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: “Drilling for natural gas in the shale that lies deep below the surface of Western Pennsylvania could create jobs in the region for years to come while providing royalty payments to property owners for the gas rights. … In addition to jobs directly related to the natural gas extraction, developers said, other jobs will be created in related services, including construction, engineering and surveying, environmental permitting, gas well servicing, water hauling, waste management, maintenance and repair, and legal services. “This will help create more jobs and energy.”

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