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Happy Birthday! Ohio Celebrates 209 Years with New Shale Jobs

Happy Birthday, Ohio! It’s been a great 209 years here in the Buckeye state, years rich in revolutionary discoveries, and great influence in the American story. Ohio has served as a springboard for some of the most influential figures and monumental innovations in our nation’s history.We invented flight and the first man to set foot on the moon and eight presidents have called Ohio home, as has voice of the greatest modern American philosopher- Bart Simpson.

It’s a proud history here, and we have a lot to look forward to in the future, thanks in large part to the development of one of Ohio’s greatest homegrown resources, the Utica shale. It is the driving force behind the incredible potential of our days ahead. Unless you’ve been living under a source rock for the past year, you are already aware of the incredible benefits we are seeing across the state; the return of steel in the Mahoning Valley, the drop in unemployment in areas of first-phase development, and the opportunity for our recent graduates and labor force to find new opportunities here at home.

Take Steubenville for example. The birthplace of the “King of Cool”, Dean Martin, was suffering from unemployment rates as high as 15% in 2010. In the past year, shale development has brought 300 new jobs, with 10,000 more expected over the next three years. At this pace, every adult in Steubenville could be working by April 2015.

Carroll County (birthplace of the last surviving signer of the Declaration of Independence Charles Carroll)  is another example of the positive impact shale development is bringing to Ohio. In November 2010, the county’s unemployment rate sat at a stagnant 11.2%. One year later, thanks to Utica Shale development, that rate has dropped to 8.5%.

That’s what is already happening. What lies ahead is even more exciting.

A recent study by the Ohio Chamber of Commerce highlights the incredible job creation the Utica shale will generate. The study projects 65,000 jobs will be created by the year 2014 with the unimpeded development of Ohio’s shale resources. The disclaimer from the study is that these projections are very conservative, and do not include the possibilities midstream oil employment or the increase in manufacturing will unveil.

The study compliments previous projections released last summer by the .

What is especially promising is that the findings of the Chamber Study are expected to occur in the next two years with more expansive job creation to come – as highlighted in the OOGEEP Economic Impact Study. With development expected to kick into high gear in the following years, the OOGEP study projects 204,000 jobs in 2015. That’s almost a thousand jobs for each of Ohio’s 209 years of existence!

Almost on cue as the Chamber was rolling out it’s study more companies were announcing new investment and hundreds of new jobs.

These new Ohio shale ventures are here because of the great potential our state has now and in the future, and this is attracting investment from all across the country.  Lt. Governor Mary Taylor summed this situation up quite nicely:

They’re choosing to come to Ohio from Houston and we competed against West Virginia and Pennsylvania and they choose Ohio. And I think that announcement itself demonstrates the opportunities we have here in Ohio.

      • Baker Hughes announced the landmark opening of their Ohio Regional office in Masillon, and their plans to a whopping 700 new jobs and $340 million investment to the area.
      • McClinton Energy Group will be holding a job fair in order to fill the 75-100 jobs they will be filling over the next 3-6 months in Canton, while BTI Services purchased  a  50,000 sq ft warehouse in Carrollton to better utilize the 20-50 new employees they will be hiring as part of their well completion process operation.

All of this is coming on the heels of last week’s announcement – one described as Tuscarawas County’s biggest employment opportunity in at least 10 years – from Schlumberger Limited on the opening of their Strasburg location and the additional 200 new jobs it will bring.

Indeed, these are exciting times in Ohio.  So, as we celebrate the birthday of our great state, let’s take pause to recognize the greatness we have achieved here throughout the past 209 years, and the great opportunity we have in the Utica shale to ensure 209 more prosperous years to come.

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