Hearing Documents: Actual facts associated with Parker Co. wells

Texas Railroad Commission (RRC), Range Resources, EPA (invited, but not present)

Jan. 19-20, 2011

  • Range Resources’ witness list for RRC hearing (link)
  • 2003 analysis finds methane already in wells, long before Range arrived on scene (link)
  • Court denies EPA request to prevent Range from gathering testimony on why/how/on what basis EPA first issued order (link)
  • Water tests on Lipsky well confirm no chemicals present above detectable and/or unsafe limits ( pages 5 – 8 ) (link)
  • Isotopic analysis of methane in water wells conducted by Weatherford Labs proves methane came from Strawn, not Barnett (link)
  • Fracture stimulation expert Dr. Norm Warpinski demonstrates why HF could not have contributed to methane migration in Parker Co. (link)
  • Record of methane in groundwater in Parker Co. extends-back long before Barnett activity began (link)
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