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Holbrook Clears the Air Following Field Hearing Farce

 Dennis Holbrook, Executive Vice President for Norse Energy and member of the Independent Oil and Gas Association of New York, was invited to appear on Talk 1300 AM  to provide some clarity on hydraulic fracturing following yesterday’s “hearing” hosted by Senator Greg Ball. This was needed as the Senator essentially decided to hold a Gasland pep rally under the guise of a public hearing.  You can find Holbrook’s interview here.

During the interview Dennis provided facts on natural gas production.  In the course of his 35 years in the energy sector Dennis has developed an expertise that few others share.  In the interview he highlights the technical process of fracturing, the history of the practice, and debunks some of the claims made by Josh Fox and his newfound Republican ally Greg Ball.  We especially enjoyed the portion where he reminded us the support natural gas once enjoyed by the environmental community.  The Reason Foundation did a good examination of this as well, it can be found here

In the interview, Dennis provides clarity to percieved issues with water disposal, water recycling, sharing of chemical constituents in fracturing fluid, and the flawed argument that New York state does not have the resources in place to properly manage the responsible production of natural gas.

Dennis advises listeners to not take his word that natural gas production can be done safely.  Like us, he encourages you to read unbiased scientific reports.  We recommend this one from MIT,  from U.S. EPA, New York State’s own SGEIS, or the most recent review from the Secretary of Energy’s Shale Gas Production Subcommittee, specifically requested by President Obama.  If you don’t have enough time to pour through these documents perhaps these quotes from DEC Commissioner Martens, regulators from 15 states and EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson are more up your ally.  Regardless, it seems these independent, and highly qualified, sources are better than an amatuer filmmaker peddling propoganda and a state senator craving political attention.

You can find some of Dennis’s recent writings in regards to responsible natural gas development here

Melody Burns, the host, attempted to get Senator Ball on the line as well however he was “unavailable”.  Seems its easy for the Senator to be available for a stunt but its a bit more difficult to get him to show up to a venue that would involve substitive debate.


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