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Holmes County has H.E.L.P

The Holmes Energy Leasing Partnership (H.E.L.P.) held a general membership meeting last night in Sugarcreek and as with the last two meetings more people showed up looking to get involved. Over 100 people took time out of their busy schedules to attend!

HELP was started a few months ago by long time resident and local doctor Tom Berg. He was able to get some friends involved like Mark Stutzman, Daniel Hochstetler and a few others and they paid for a few ads in the local paper and held their first meeting. His goal is the same now as it was then – to make sure all Holmes County residents who wanted to lease, or those on the fence about leasing, received all of the information they needed to make an informed decision.  He knew that as a group they would have more influence in negotiations than as individuals.

Last night, Dr. Berg gave an update on how many mineral owners had signed up to be a part of the group. He also took time to address those folks who had an old lease and what they could and could not do in getting a new lease. In some cases some land owners did not know if they owned their mineral rights or not he explained a quick trip via car or buggy to County Recorder Anita Hall’s office would help them answer that question. Dr. Berg asked another EID – Ohio friend, Bob Rea of  the Association of Ohio Valley Landowners (ALOV), to address the crowd about how his group works and what they did to get organized. Mr. Rea also gave a shout out to EID, and we thank him for that.

Then EID took the stage. After a brief introduction, we talked about our program and how we can help all the residents of Holmes County. We shared information on how they can get involved, and spread the good news about natural gas from shale and how it is being responsibly developed in Ohio.

After our short presentation, we set up shop and had many attendees ask questions about our organization and how they can get involved.  Unfortunately, time ran a bit short and we couldn’t get to everyone.  We will be sure to make another trip back in the near future to talk with more residents and may pick up a few long johns along the way,

*On a side note – Out of respect for the location, Walnut Creek Mennonite Church, we did not to set up our camera and dont have video associated with this event.  Be sure to check back soon for video from some of our other local appearances.

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