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Telling the Marcellus Shale Story

Recently, our friends at the Joint Landowners Coalition of New York passed along to me a editorial that I thought was quite compelling. Please take some time to read it!

The author, David W. Keefe, writes with a special passion that is easy to appreciate and very motivational. As a coalition leader, landowner and business person, Keefe articulates the many positive benefits of Marcellus Shale while downplaying the dishonesty and somewhat childish behavior of the anti-gas special interest crowd as typified by some of the over the top hyperbole put out by the self-appointed “mountainkeeper” and “riverkeeper” types.

Here are a few of the best points from the article:

The benefits of gas production in the Marcellus Shale are enormous and couldn’t come at a better time. But the anti-development crowd, and the vested interest that support them, are determined to find a cloud to obscure this silver lining.

Why can’t adversaries be as honest? Why must the pretend to have no ulterior motives? Why do they expect everyone to believe that their motivation is purer than ours, simply because they produce nothing of value for themselves and are offended by people who do?

Fortunately, the public is finally catching on to these poseurs and challenging their pretensions to impartiality. When our economy is a wreck and rising fuel prices threaten to prolong and deepen our misery, ant-development propaganda starts to lose its appeal.

These points are very well said.  Engaging others in discussions about Marcellus Shale, whether in the form of letters to the editor or simple one to one conversations, are a great way to support Marcellus Gas development in our region. I encourage all of you to write your own and if you need help in articulating your points or placing your letter in a local newspaper, please contact me at or Nicole at  We are ready, willing and able to help!

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