ICYMI: Fmr. chief counsel for PA DEP, current Chief VP: Marcellus shale “a valuable resource for the commonwealth”

Terry Bossert
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  • Pennsylvania has had gas wells for 150 years. And in the last probably decade, many, many vertical wells have been drilled into the tight sandstone formations, and they have been fracked. So it’s not like this was just something invented for the Marcellus shale.


  • There is nobody in the industry … who objects to disclosing the content of the frack fluid. In fact, you can go on DEP’s website and you can see what’s in the frack fluid.
  • You can’t just say benzene’s a carcinogen at any exposure, because if it is, please stop putting gasoline in your car. Because you’re probably exposed to 10,000 parts per billion every time you fill up your gas tank.
  •  We want to develop the gas, there’s no doubt about it. And we think it’s a valuable resource for the commonwealth. But, we’re committed to doing it the right way. Being involved in our community. Having local employment, either directly or through contractors. So, that’s what we’re all about. 

Dimock, PA resident Ted Jules:

  • If they do [the gas drilling] right, I’m for it.


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