ICYMI – Longtime NYT Editor, Columnist on GasLand: “One-sided, flawed … in the Michael Moore mode”

Peter Applebome, a reporter and editor at the New York Times since 1987, writes thisabout GasLand in the Gray Lady:

  • It’s one-sided, flawed and personal in the Michael Moore mode

Local PA newspaper calls out Josh Fox: “One glaring error in the film is the suggestion that gas drilling led to the September fish kill at Dunkard Creek in Greene County. That was determined to have been caused by a golden algae bloom from mine drainage from a [mine] discharge.” (Washington (Pa.) Observer-Reporter, 6/5/10)

Marcellus Shale group weighs-in: “Our understanding, based on previews of the film, is that it’s loaded with misleading claims and untruths, and completely fails to recognize the well-known fact that hydraulic fracturing has been used in this state for a half-century, and according to state and federal regulators, has never once been found to adversely impact the public’s underground drinking water supplies.” (Patriot-News, 6/2/10)

Washington Examiner: “[Lisa] Jackson forgot to mention “concerns” about hydraulic fracturing come only from environmental groups seeking to stop all uses of fossil fuels like oil, coal, and natural gas. Jackson’s announcement followed the Washington premiere of the anti-fossil fuel “GasLand” propagandamentary produced by some of these same groups. Two more facts Jackson didn’t mention: Never in the 60-year history of hydraulic fracturing has it been linked to a single proven public health threat to water quality; and the EPA has already studied hydraulic fracturing, most recently in 2004, when it found no threat.” (Editorial, 3/19/10)

“Michael Moore has spawned imitators, including Josh Fox”: “Michael Moore, writer/producer of Fahrenheit 9/11, Sicko, and Capitalism: A Love Story among others, has pioneered this kind of “documentary” that’s long on innuendo and short on facts, perfecting it as an art. It seems Mr. Moore has spawned imitators, including Josh Fox. … The drumbeat will only grow louder from the anti-drilling movement. Their two-pronged attack is to claim: 1) Hydraulic fracturing as a mining technique is unsafe, and 2) Your water will become contaminated with nasty chemicals and/or methane gas if there’s a drill anywhere near you. Both claims are false.” (Marcellus Drilling News, 2/23/10)

Interested in learning the facts? Click HERE to view Energy In Depth’s comprehensive fact-check of the “one-sided, flawed” claims perpetuated in GasLand.

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