ICYMI: Medvedev’s “Red” Herring Targeted at Shale Gas

Chief of Russian gas giant parrots discredited OGAP, NRDC talking points in trying to tear down America’s shale gas

Gazprom, The Unlikely Environmental Evangelist
James Herron
Wall Street Journal
Feb. 10, 2010

The quality of drinking water in France or Texas is not something you’d expect to be troubling a top executive from one of the world’s mightiest energy companies–Russia’s Gazprom. Yet time and again at a press conference yesterday in London, Alexander Medvedev, head of the export arm of the world’s largest gas producer, expressed his concern about pollution of the water table in Europe and the U.S. resulting from the production of shale gas.

“Not every housewife is aware of the environmental consequences of the use of shale gas,” said an exasperated Medvedev. “I don’t know who would take the risk of endangering drinking water reservoirs. …

But this isn’t pure environmental altruism. A huge boom in the production of shale gas, which is released from rock by blasting a mixture of water and chemicals into tiny fractures, has created a supply glut in the U.S. that has edged Gazprom out of what it hoped would be an important new market for its shipments of liquefied natural gas.

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Gazprom says shale gas poses environmental risks
Tom Bergin
Feb. 10, 2010

Russian gas export monopoly Gazprom warned of environmental risks from shale gas drilling in the United States and Europe on Tuesday …

Last week, Gazprom said it was delaying development of the Shtokman field, one of the world’s largest, which it hoped would supply liquefied natural gas to the United States, citing expansion of U.S. shale gas production and the subsequent fall in U.S. gas prices.

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