ICYMI — Top PA oil, gas regulator, energy senator: Hydraulic fracturing “not a threat to water supplies”

DEP Official: “There Has Never Been Any Evidence” Tying Hydraulic Fracturing to Water Contamination
Scranton Times Tribune
Laura Legere
April 2, 2010

[Scott Perry, director of the Department of Environmental Protection’s Bureau of Oil and Gas Management] also insisted that even though the department is proposing to strengthen its disclosure requirements, hydraulic fracturing is not a threat to water supplies.

There has never been any evidence of fracking ever causing direct contamination of fresh groundwater in Pennsylvania or anywhere else,” he said.

“If I honestly thought that fracking was causing a direct communication with groundwater resources, I wouldn’t be talking about how we have a chemical list. That is the ultimate half-measure. I would be saying, ‘This cannot occur.'”

Gas drilling, DEP given a bad rap
Centre Daily Times
Sen. Mary Jo White, Environmental Resources & Energy Committee chair
March 30, 2010

“There is also no evidence that fracking a deep well, as is done to access Marcellus Shale gas, is contributing to aquifer depletion or degrading water quality. Most gas is more than a mile below the surface, maintaining several thousand feet between the shale and the aquifer.

“DEP, along with 18 other states, certified to the Ground Water Protection Council last year that they have no instances of fracking resulting in any water quality problems in which this activity is occurring. President Obama’s EPA drinking-water quality chief recently provided similar testimony before Congress.”

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