In Landmark Ruling, Federal Judge Tosses Calif. Climate Lawsuits

A federal judge dealt a devastating blow to the #ExxonKnew campaign Monday when he dismissed San Francisco’s and Oakland’s climate liability lawsuits against the top five investor-owned fossil fuel producers Monday, ruling that the courts were not the appropriate venue to set domestic and international climate policy.

The closely-watched case was seen as a bellwether for several similar lawsuits filed by New York City, Boulder, and nine other cities and counties in California and Washington. The judge’s ruling could give pause to other municipalities considering their own lawsuits.

U.S. District Court Judge William Alsup, who was appointed by President Bill Clinton, ruled it was inappropriate to blame a handful of oil and gas companies for global warming – especially when the emissions linked to that warming were the result of global energy demands.

To see what Judge Alsup said about the enormous benefits of fossil fuels throughout history, continue reading at EID Climate.

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