INFOGRAPHIC: Community Benefits Provided by Shale Development


The macro benefits of shale development are well-known: it has created millions of jobs across the country, strengthened our economy and energy security, and revitalized our manufacturing sector.

An equally important story is how responsible shale development has intersected the lives of Americans in communities across the country. The range of benefits is as diverse and impactful as raising wages to providing scholarships for local students. Communities are also seeing a lot more in their coffers. As York County Commissioner President Steve Chronister explained:

The money gives us surplus funds to help small boroughs that aren’t rich with funds. It gives small groups an opportunity to do things they otherwise could not.”

A recent Duke University study found that shale development is bolstering local government revenues, providing many benefits to communities. As the report puts it:

“Our research indicates that the net impact of recent oil and gas development has generally been positive for local public finances. While costs arising from new service demands have been large in many regions, increased revenues from a variety of sources have generally outweighed them or at least kept pace, allowing local governments to maintain and in some cases expand or improve the services they provide.”

Jo Sexton, the President of the Cambridge Area Chamber of Commerce highlights the industry is not just working in the community, but is regularly a part of it: “ What we’ve seen over the past three years is an increase in the number of oil and gas companies coming in and getting involved, wanting to get engaged in the community.”

Check out EID’s new infographic – “Community Benefits Provided by Shale Development” – to learn more.

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