Experts Tout Safety of Hydraulic Fracturing












Last week, EID released a new infographic highlighting what America’s top regulators have said about the proven safety record of hydraulic fracturing. As one would guess, these regulators are not alone in their statements. In fact, a multitude of scientific experts from across the country have come to the exact same conclusion.

From university professors to government agencies, authorities on oil and gas development have touted hydraulic fracturing as an important and safe tool in accessing America’s vast energy resources. As twenty one experts – including climate scientist Dr. Richard Muller and former member of the Obama administration’s Natural Gas Subcommittee Dr. Stephen Holditch — recently stated, “In our research, we have found nothing to suggest that shale development poses risks that are unknown or cannot be managed and mitigated with available technologies, best practices and smart regulation.”

Download EID’s new infographic — “Experts Tout Safety of Hydraulic Fracturing” – and learn more about what the real experts are saying about the impacts and benefits of shale development across the nation.


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