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Introducing Franklin Citizens for Truth

Heidi Mitchell
Kelly Harding
Franklin Township Residents
Co-Founders, Franklin Citizens for Truth

We are the co-founders of Franklin Citizens for Truth, a group formed to bring our community together to correct the misinformation on natural gas development and give a voice to landowners wanting to share their stories. We’re from a rural farming community in Susquehanna County near Montrose called Franklin Township. Our township and the entire county has been blessed with plentiful natural gas and as we have watched a few activists gather support from others outside the region, and portray our community in a negative way, we felt it was time to help our neighbors voice their personal experiences about the impacts this industry has had on us.

Speaking Up

Franklin Citizens for Truth is comprised of members from both our township and neighboring ones, and it’s high time our stories were heard. We’ve sat by for too long letting others communicate to the media and the world half-truths and outright false information about the natural gas development happening in our backyards. We won’t sit silently and watch it take place any longer. Our community is proud to be able to help our nation reduce it’s dependency on foreign energy sources. We’re proud to be a part of the solution to bring money into our community and help those farmers who were at their breaking point to hold on to their farms. Our objective is to bring our community together for two purposes: to keep them up to date on issues and supply them with information so that our township residents have the knowledge to join together and speak out against the un-truths and extremist actions brought on by activists.

Jim Barbour, Barbour Farms, Liberty Township Discusses the Compressor Station Planned for His Property

Robert Coy, Business Owner and Franklin Township Resident

Catherine Parks, Franklin Township Resident

Dale Webster–His Family Was One of the First to Settle in Franklin Township!

Jim & Chery Schreck Discuss What Could Have Been a Bad Experience Turned into Something Great Thanks to WPX Energy, Halliburton, and Stoney Mountain

Allen Coy, Local Business Owner, Fire Fighter, and Franklin Township Resident Tells About a Flaming Toilet Long Before There Was Natural Gas

Let’s Talk Natural Gas


One of Franklin’s Own Speaks Up in a Big Way: Truthland

We’re a tight-knit community and that includes supporting and having pride for our neighbors. One of our own, recently went above and beyond to trek across the country to speak with experts regarding the truth about natural gas development–and answering questions many of us had about the development on our own properties along the way. Her willingness to speak up in such a big way is an inspiration to all of us in Franklin Township and we want her to know we will support her every step of the way as the film Truthland is shown across the world. We’re so proud of you, Shelly!

That video is available online now for anyone to view and we’ll be holding a screening on June 26 with Dimock Proud and the National Association of Royalty Owners, Pennsylvania Chapter, at the Montrose VFW at 7pm where you can get a free DVD copy. We hope many from the county will come out to view it and get questions answered from a panel of experts.

Helping Our Community

We’re not just about education. We support others in our community and are working together with WPX Energy, Fluids Management, Stoney Mountain, Halliburton, Orion Drilling and others to hold a fundraiser on June 30 at Liberty Park in Liberty Township-8 miles north of Montrose. The event is being held to raise money for the sister of the owners of Heavenly Angels, a business in Franklin Township, who has been hospitalized with three different blood diseases, a heart attack, and has had multiple surgeries. We hope to raise enough money to help with her medical bills, build her a wheelchair ramp and assist in paying for her home health care so she can come home.

If you’re in the area come on out for a fun day for the family and to help out with a good cause.

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