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It’s Time To Get This Job Done!

I live on 100 rural acres in the Town of Thurston, in the heart of Steuben County.  I am 100% pro-natural gas development.  I plan to speak at the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation’s hearing in Dansville next week on the Supplemental Generic Environmental Impact Statement (SGEIS).  Following is what I intend to say, not only for myself, but for my neighbors and friends who are also in favor of natural gas gas development. More after the jump…

I know many of the names on the Steuben County delinquent tax roles – know them personally.

They are in that situation because they are in dire need of  financial relief.  That relief could come to not only those landowners but to all of New York State if we could only release a workable SGEIS.  We simply must get that document completed soon and start issuing drilling permits.  Three and a half years is far too long.

This has not been a rushed document.  The DEC officials who have developed it have consulted with professionals and with industry.  And, they have taken public comments, then reworked the document, consulted again and taken still additional public comments to the point that this current version of the SGEIS has been overworked and is starting to step on itself.

Governor Cuomo, Mr. Martens, and DEC Officials: Please give us a livable SGEIS and a doable set of regulations and soon!  Our region is not sustainable without the help natural gas development will provide – we need it desperately!

You know in your heart, and cannot deny, that natural gas drilling and fracturing should be happening in New York State and will be a safe process given these regulations.  You have studied all the ill effects and the end result still comes out positively.

I have read the Executive Summary.  I have read Chapter 1, the Introduction. I have read many excerpts from the document.  While the document is complex and not for the common person to critique, it doesn’t take an expert to see it is a thorough report that examines all facets of the industry and process and comprehensively assesses the environmental impacts.  You have, indeed, tried too hard in perfecting it.  Listen to the industry that will be using it to make this workable and Let’s Get Moving! We should have that final SGEIS very soon after the December 12th comment period ends.

Three and a half years is long enough and it’s time to get this job done.

Thank you for listening.


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