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J&M Electric Sees The Benefits of Local Development

Throughout eastern Ohio, in places like Carroll and Monroe County shale development has created new jobs and provided these communities with a much needed economic boost. Small business in both counties have seen dramatic benefits from an uptick in business.

Recently, the positive impacts have made their way to my hometown of Cambridge, Ohio giving our local business a chance to flourish. J&M Electrical Supply is one business benefiting from the new development.   Although the business is receiving a more inquiries with an uptick in development, supplying the natural gas and oil industry is nothing new to J&M.

As a wholesale electrical distributor founded 40 years ago by owner Brad Jarvis’ father, it has become a key supplier for Bi-Con Services, a company building natural gas compressor stations across the United States.  The company has grown, but it remains a family business as Brad and his son Bill make sure they have enough commercial and industrial equipment to ensure supply is meeting demand.

About 10-12 years ago, J&M started working closely with businesses associated with the natural gas industry.  As the business grew they were able to tweak their model to better accommodate new clients.  Bill knew this was a great way to retain clients as well.  Below Bill highlights what has helped J&M succeed:

Frankly, as you may well know, this market segment has specific requirements different than standard commercial and industrial markets. We have tailored much of our inventory and services to meet these special requirements. We also have an intimate knowledge and understanding of the required classifications for said equipment.

Since they have been working with industry for over 10 years, J&M has learned to adjust accordingly with increasing demands. In the energy industry, time is always of the essence when dealing with materials and deadlines. This is typical in most industry applications, however, when dealing with oil and gas these deadlines are amplified.  Bill knows deadlines are extremely important to development:

We can safely stand on our previous successes by having a solid network of manufacturers, industry representatives, and shipping/trucking suppliers to help plug a material hole when necessary. We respond to drop dead material needs with all the fervor of firefighters.

This has helped them maintain customers like Bi-Con.  Bi-Con is another local company that has seen tremendous growth thanks to the oil and gas industry.  They specialize  in the construction and manufacturing for natural gas and liquids transportation and distribution.  J&M is instrumental in helping Bi-Con stay on schedule with their projects.

J&M knows to keep industry happy they have to have a wide variety of equipment to suits their customers.  Some of the products they offer are Crouse Hinds electrical and instrumentation products, and Cutler Hammer electrical products.

But what has been selling well these days are their full line of Rigid Tools.  They are blessed to have an almost never-ending supply of Rigid tools since one of Rigid’s distribution center is practically right across the street.

But those aren’t the only hot commodities right now for Utica development, and Brad recognizes this:

It’s been a nice surprise for us when clients come from out of town working on a job or project.  They don’t expect a distributor to have this type of product and this volume sitting on the shelf.  It’s been to their surprise that they have walked in, an out of town contractor walked in and seen our product and have been very happy we have it here and are secure in the fact that they can come here and get what they need to keep their project moving.

Companies are beginning to see great benefits from shale production.  This goes beyond just oil and gas jobs or oil and gas companies – its a boon to small businesses like J&M across the state. As the play progresses, EID-Ohio will continue to share the many success stories out there now and those yet to come.

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