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June 1st DRBC Hearing: A Call to Action!

Contrary to what some folks trying to stop Marcellus development would like our leaders to believe, most sensible people do support responsible natural gas exploration. So it’s only natural that the plans of anti-gas interests to use the Delaware River Basin Commission’s June 1st hearings as a tool to pressure that agency into denying XTO’s water withdrawal application has caused a lot of concern among landowners and others trying to bring economic development to our region. Most have told us that they want to see this application approved so natural gas development can proceed, but fear it will be refused for reasons having more to do with politics than science.  We certainly hope not.

The DRBC’s  docket (the agency’s term for a decision, which also includes background data and any conditions attached to the approval) is encouraging because it is a straightforward explanation of the XTO proposal together with appropriate conditions based on the science of the matter at hand.  Residents have every right to expect such a decision will be backed by sound science, of course, but legitimately wonder if this will carry the day against the emotional and irrelevant anti-gas misinformation with which the DRBC is currently being barraged. Many have turned to the Joint Landowners Coalition, IOGA of NY, ANGA and EID Marcellus for the basic facts that can be used in letters and testimony to clear the air and remind DRBC of just what the real scientific and rational reasons to approve the application are.  EID Marcellus has already posted twice on this issue (here and here) and added the following three files as guidelines for pro-gas folks looking to encourage the DRBC to stand up for timely science-based decision-making.

Call to Action Flyer

Key Points To Shape Your Testimony

Stop the Anti’s – Save Our Future Flyer

Finally, EID Marcellus has arranged for a place for everyone to meet prior to the hearing to exchange information and organize testimony.  We’ll have everything you need, plus some food and refreshments.  Our headquarters will be at the Masonic Lodge at 206 Front Street in Deposit and we’ll be open at 11:00 AM until late afternoon when the hearing starts.  Join us there!


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