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Kent State Job Fair draws over 1,000 Ohioans

Today Chesapeake Energy sponsored a job fair on the Stark branch campus of Kent State (my Alma Mater). As seen is this video below over 1,000 people showed up looking to join the ranks of Chesapeake. These are Ohioans looking for Ohio jobs.

What made this job fair so special was that the focus was hiring local folks who have military service.  Something for which Chesapeake Energy is well known. Each person upon their arrival, if they were former a member of our armed services, was given a United States Flag sticker to wear on their shirt to be worn proudly during the interview process.

However, to be fair, it must be noted that while over 1,000 local Ohioans were inside looking to join the team at Chesapeake not everyone was on board with their efforts to employ people who are unemployed or under employed.

One special guest who attended the job fair to encourage those looking for work was U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown (D). He spoke about how important it is that Chesapeake Energy and others producing natural gas and crude oil do everything by the book and hire Ohioans. The Senator also commented on how the employment picture in Ohio is getting better everyday, and while we are not out of the woods yet companies like Chesapeake are doing everything they can to hire those who want to work and are looking for good paying jobs.

Senator Brown also took a minute to thank Chesapeake for their efforts to employ folks from Ohio.

This is about jobs for my state and I appreciate this jobs fair that Chesapeake and our office put on because it means that people that are struggling, some people looking for better jobs, some people out of work, some people who are afraid that their future with their company may not be so good and that their company might shut down.  They are looking to this industry, shale development, in a way for a whole new growth industry in eastern Ohio. – Senator Sherrod Brown

United States Senator Sherrod Brown

EID was also able to grab Canton Mayor William Healy and ask him why this job fair was so important.  We, of course, couldn’t resist also asking him to share his thoughts about how the Football Hall of Fame City of Canton is now also the Utica Shale capital of Ohio. The mayor has done everything he can to promote Canton and engage Chesapeake and others to encourage them to set up shop in Canton.

Mayor William Healy, City of Canton

The City of Canton is not the only one going out of their way to roll out the red carpet and make sure that Chesapeake and other companies like them are welcome. Richard Regula of Mercy Medical Center stopped by to say that Mercy will take care of any and all needs employees and their families have.

Mr. Richard Regula, Mercy Medical Center

There were so many people at the job fair and many of them had great personal stories to share. One of those folks was Daniel Dmytriw a recent Kent State graduate and a United States Marine (oorah and thank you for your service!).

Mr. Daniel Dmytriw

Today was a great day. The sun was shining, there was a cool breeze in the air and people who need jobs, including those who have sacrificed to serve our country, got in front of those who are hiring for new jobs. Ohioans hiring Ohioans and putting hard working folks back to work and giving hope to those who needed it most. By any measure it was certainly a great day. Especially for the Ohioans who got a job after searching for a very long time.

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