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Landowner Supports Natural Gas Lawsuit Against N.Y. with Bumper Stickers

One landowner has decided to take his 
support the Joint Landowners Coalition of New York (JLCNY), and especially its lawsuit against the State of New York, to the next level.  Vic Furman, a guest blogger here, has created bumper stickers he is looking to sell in support of natural gas development, and he plans to donate proceeds to the JLCNY lawsuit against New York State.

While the Joint Landowners Coalition is beginning to collect funds to help mobilize a lawsuit against New York State, there are several landowners taking their own initiatives to support the cause.  The JLCNY is planning to sue New York State for its ongoing natural gas moratorium, hoping to put more pressure on Governor Cuomo to make a decision, for the good of the Southern Tier, to pursue the natural gas it so desperately needs.

Vic Furman, a landowner who has periodically guest blogged here at EID Marcellus, is a member of the JLCNY and has decided to support the lawsuit in his own special way – by creating and marketing bumper stickers, with the proceeds from sales to go to the JLCNY’s legal fund.  Here’s a sample:

Screen Shot 2013-05-23 at 6.01.21 AM

Simply put, the JLCNY has lost all patience with Governor Cuomo, with whom it tried to work in a cooperative fashion to bring responsible natural gas development to a Southern Tier that’s dying without it..  Here’s what the organization says about it all on its website:

Lawsuit Goals

The goals of this lawsuit are consistent with the goals of the JLCNY – to protect the constitutionally guaranteed rights of NY landowners and push the State closer to approving the SGEIS and permitting wells in the Marcellus and Utica shales. We believe that moving forward with natural gas development will bring the greatest financial benefit to all New Yorkers, have an immediate impact on climate change, clean our air, dramatically reduce health impacts from air pollution and will allow our nation to come closer to achieving energy independence.
The action will not be commenced until the JLCNY has received sufficient funding. We are also closely monitoring the two year moratorium bill passed by the New York State Assembly. We want to add this legislation to the lawsuit if it is passed by the Senate and signed by the Governor.   For strategic reasons, we will not announce our financial goals. However, we will need a large war chest to proceed with the litigation.  All of the funds donated for this effort will be administered by the JLCNY’s bank, Chemung Canal Trust Company (“CCTC”), in a non-interest bearing account.

The first bumper sticker Furman has created is pictured above, and the message couldn’t be any more true as it relates to natural gas.  The unemployment numbers in New York State, especially the Southern Tier, are proof enough the economy in New York is struggling.  How much longer will the Governor try to create a “new” New York while pursuing the same old strategy of catering to special interests who don’t want natural gas development?  Well, the answer is simple – as long as people let him.  Perhaps Vic’s little bumper sticker campaign will help motivate others to act.

While we do not yet have a picture for the next bumper sticker, Vic tells us it will read

“Tell Your Town Board NO!
To Anti Gas Moratoria”

Town boards who pass natural gas moratoria are harming both taxpayers and landowners. Voting no on such proposals, wherever they may crop up, will save taxpayers from the cost of lawsuits (and there will be more of those, even as the Dryden and Middlefield cases move through the courts) and protect landowners against theft of property rights.

I expect we’ll see a lot of Vic’s bumper stickers popping up throughout the Southern Tier.   If you’re interested in how to purchase bumper stickers for your vehicles, send him a note telling him how many of each kind you want, a self addressed stamped envelope and a check.  They are 3 stickers for $5 or $2 a piece.  Here’s the address:

Sapbush Road Group

140 Sapbush Road

Chenango Forks, NY 13746


Vic says he will be more than willing to accommodate any size order.  So, if you think this is a step in the right direction to put pressure on Albany or you want to support the JLCNY lawsuit, think about purchasing some bumper stickers.  While you’re at it, think about this: bumper stickers are typically made with vinyl, a product developed from ethylene. Chemical manufacturers produce ethylene from ethane, which is one of several byproducts of natural gas.


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