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Latest Anti-Fracking Stunt has Little Impact at Colorado Democratic Party Fundraising Dinner

Battery Powered SignActivists greet dinner attendees with battery powered signage at Colorado Democratic Party fundraising dinner featuring Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders

National “Keep It In The ground” activist organizations hoping to garner state and national media coverage flew to Denver this weekend (yes, in planes burning fossil fuels) to protest fracking outside the Democratic Party’s 83rd Annual Fundraising dinner.

But after it was revealed that these same groups “staged” getting hit by an SUV during an anti-fossil fuels demonstration at a recent protest in nearby Lakewood, CO, the media must be catching on. As EID observed, they failed to draw attention either from the media or the dinner attendees.

The protest was coordinated by a number of national activist organizations including Greenpeace, Rainforest Action Network, Center for Biological Diversity, 350 Colorado, Frack Free Colorado, Direct Frack-tion, EarthGuardians and Be The Change – all of which have been parading around Colorado, pretending to be “local.”

The state is quickly becoming a frequent target of “Keep It In The Ground” protests with these groups pushing a series of anti-fracking ballot initiatives this Fall. Also drawing attention is speculation that San Francisco billionaire-climate activist Tom Steyer is pouring money into the national groups backing the “Keep It in The Ground” movement, even as he is dramatically ratcheting up his own political spending in Colorado.





Yet the groups turning out to Democratic fundraising events to demand an end to fossil fuels will find that they are far outside the Democratic Party’s mainstream. For example, EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy delivered a speech in Boulder focusing on reducing greenhouse gas emissions, which highlighted the importance of natural gas in this effort. From her remarks:

“Responsible development of natural gas is an important part of our work to curb climate change and support a robust clean energy market at home. It also has huge potential to help power our factories and our vehicles, while at the same time cutting our dependence on foreign oil.”

So, while they turn out to stage increasingly desperate media stunts in support of an extreme policy shift, President Obama’s top environment and energy regulators believe natural gas plays an “important part” in reducing emissions while creating hundreds of thousands of jobs.

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