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Latest State Regulator Analysis: Garfield County Air Quality Protective of Public Health

Colorado heath regulators are out with new findings, showing yet again, a “low risk of long-term harmful health effects due to VOC exposure” from nearby oil and natural gas development.

The findings from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) are from the air quality assessment in Garfield County, Colo. As part of its continued collaboration between Garfield County health officials aimed at evaluating and addressing environmental and health concerns related to oil and gas development, CDPHE’s ongoing air quality sampling and monitoring near newly developed oil and gas operations in Battlement Mesa, Colo., has again shown emissions to be protective of public health.

The air quality assessment is just the latest government-sponsored report to show “low risk” of health effects from oil and natural gas operations. Importantly, these findings come at a time where anti-fracking activists are attempting to push health-related concerns on the Front Range, with far less data to back up their assertions.

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