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Leading Colorado Voices Push Back Against Boulder Climate Lawsuit

That was fast.

Just days after the City of Boulder, Boulder County, and San Miguel County (encompassing Telluride, Colo.) announced a joint climate lawsuit against Colorado oil and gas companies, leading voices from across Colorado have already weighed in opposing the suit.

For the past several months, Energy in Depth-Mountain States warned about the behind-closed-doors efforts by Boulder to bring the climate lawsuit. Last Tuesday, EID was on location on the Pearl Street Mall for the rollout of the lawsuit. When the Boulder Daily Camera first reported on Boulder officials finally making the lawsuit public, EID was quick to point out the lack of support for the Boulder-led effort, telling the Camera, “It’s telling they were only able to get one other county in the state to go along with this scheme brought by D.C. trial lawyers.”

In fact, support for the climate lawsuit has been quiet, other than the national anti-fossil fuel groups and the plaintiffs’ attorneys that pushed for the lawsuit in the first place. Meanwhile the response pushing back has been quick and strong.

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