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Is Lebanon Lost In Shale Gas Space?

Danger Will Robinson! You’re about to be fleeced!  Or rather, a warning to the residents and town board members in Lebanon (Madison County), New York — you’re about to be fleeced.

The Town of Lebanon Town Board has invited the husband and wife anti-natural gas (and Park Foundation-backed) lawyer team of David and Helen Slottje to address the town about how wonderful a ban on hydraulic fracturing would be.  Never mind stripping away private property rights.  That old U.S. Constitution is just a filthy, musty old document anyway, ya know.

The fleecing will commence on Saturday, July 28 at 11 am at the Town Office in Lebanon.  Marcellus Drilling News encourages all liberty-loving Americans in the Town of Lebanon to turn out in force to oppose the Slottjes and their special interest agenda regarding shale gas development.  Carry placards and wave your hands like the antis do when they turn up at a meeting.

And, make your voices heard loud and clear on behalf of shale gas development!

Here’s the skinny on the meeting from the Madison County Courier:

The Lebanon Town Board unanimously approved a resolution July 9 to invite Helen and David Slottje to speak. The pair run an environmental law firm in Ithaca and are architects of a local law being used to ban natural gas development. They will present local law options for a moratorium, ban and road use law concerning natural gas development in the town at a special meeting Saturday, July 28, 9 to 11 a.m., to be held at the Town Office in Lebanon. Another location may be identified if interest exceeds the building’s capacity.

Town officials agreed that a “vigorous exchange of ideas” was called for, and while no decision has been made on what direction the Town Board would move, town officials felt that it was appropriate to have this informational program to evaluate the pros and cons of a temporary moratorium on natural gas development, a road use law and a possible ban on drilling in the township, said Supervisor Jim Goldstein.

The public is invited to attend and will have an opportunity to ask questions or make comments after the presentation. Town board members are most interested in having Lebanon residents and property owners attend and offer feedback on the presentation or direction the town should consider.*

If they want a “vigorous exchange of ideas,” who are they inviting to give the other side?

Note:  An earlier version of this post appeared on Marcellus Drilling News.

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