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Hey guys! I hope that everyone following our blog is enjoying what they are reading and using them as a tool to get more informed on events in your area and the natural gas industry in general. I just wanted to take a moment to tell you about the other options you have for staying linked-in to what we are doing.

As you can tell from our posts, Tom, Bill and I are getting out to a lot of events across the 18 counties we are covering in Pennsylvania and New York. The downside to this is that we don’t always have the opportunity to get our posts up in a timely manner to share with you guys. But, have no fear, because you can follow us live as we’re at the events and then come to the blog to get our reactions later.  This also means that if you can’t get to an event, you can still send us a comment or question that we can try to get heard while we’re there.

We have been actively using Twitter at EIDMarcellus to give live comments and pictures of events to keep you in the loop as they are happening. Bill and I will be creating our own links, EIDBill and EIDNicole, that will let you follow us individually at events, as well, for the nights when we split up to cover more activities. Through this feed you can witness the event as it unfolds or log on later to see how it played out. We invite you to become active participants in our Twitter feed and let us know what you think as the event is happening.

There are a wealth of articles out there on the Marcellus Shale and it would be impossible to do a blog post on every one. But that’s where our Facebook page, Energy In Depth-Northeast Marcellus Initiative, comes into play. On it we post interesting articles we come across, videos we find, links back to our blog posts and events we will be participating in. Please feel free to “Like” our page, join in the discussion and let us know about events in your area that you want us to come to. Also, if you come across a good article, share it with the rest of the people who check in on the page. It is a great resource to become a part of the dialogue that is happening on the Marcellus Shale in our two-state region.

As you have seen from our posts, we take a lot of video footage at the events we attend. Not all of that ends up on our blog, but most can be seen on our YouTube feed at eidmarcellus. This is yet another unique way for you to stay informed on what we are doing and hear first hand what some of the speakers are saying, interviews from attendees and other interesting things we come across.

I hope you will all take advantage of the many ways to stay connected with EID Marcellus. Let us know what you think, and I am looking forward to seeing how you find creative ways to participate in events and discussion. Have a great weekend everyone!

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