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Loco Ono & Son Descend on Dimock to Fight Natural Gas Heating Their Home

Yoko Ono and Sean Lennon, together with a host of other characters, jumped into two Mercedes vehicles to head to Dimock and campaign against natural gas in New York, the same natural gas that heats the home of the Beatles beneficiaries.

Yesterday, Tom and I had an opportunity to travel to Dimock, Pennsylvania for a magical mystery tour with some names and faces from Hollywood .  There was one legitimate star, Susan Sarandon, a couple of lesser known entities (Sean Lennon and Josh Fox) and Yoko Ono, the name made famous by her marriage to John Lennon and, to a much lesser extent, her loco line of clothing.

The tour was an attempt to lend their support to what they imagine to be a trendy cause.  I can’t help suspecting, though, one goal for the stunt might have been to boost results for the release of Sean’s new album.  Regardless, the group was accompanied by well-known local natural gas opponents Vera Scroggins, a/k/a Vera Duerga, and Craig Stevens.  Also joining in the fun were Rebecca Roter from Bucks County, and Wes Wilson, who donned his old EPA jacket for added effect.

It’s worth noting there were no regulatory officials or actual experts on the bus.  There were no geologists,no engineers and no representatives from natural gas companies. There wasn’t even anyone with natural gas wells or infrastructure on their property among the group.  There were only celebrities and local anti-natural gas activists who have achieved minor notoriety fighting with their neighbors.

The whole event had a strong resemblance to a reality TV show; what you might expect if TMZ did a “Whatever Happened to (fill in the name of an attention-starved celebrity).”  I can’t help but imagine Susan Sarandon was mumbling “what was I thinking” to herself, as she toured a Dimock junkyard with this motley crew and ran away from Phelim McAleer (more on that in a moment).

These “celebrities” and celeb-wannabe types are used to living in the make-believe world full of money, homes and cars where they are stripped of any responsibility or care in the real world, unlike the folks from Dimock whose lives have been materially improved as a result of natural gas development.

Screen Shot 2013-01-18 at 7.37.01 AMThe stated purpose of this reality show tour was to see the “devastation” supposedly created by natural gas development and send a message to Governor Cuomo to stop natural gas development in New York.   Craig Stevens even sported his “Don’t Frack Your Mother, Don’t Poison Our Water” T-shirt for the occasion (see picture to right).

Unfortunately, if these “celebrities” eyes were open, there was little destruction to see amidst the beautiful, fresh snowfall on a few back country roads.  I’m sure many of them expected to see “industrialization” everywhere they turned, but there was only countryside and evidence of some new prosperity in and around Montrose, all due to natural gas.

Now let’s take a look at the tour through the lyrics of John Lennon.  It’s more than appropriate given Yoko and Sean have essentially made a living off his name alone.

“Come together right now over me”

Coming together starts with being truthful with each other.  So, let’s start by frankly expressing our views about this reality show tour.  It was a publicity stunt.

Ono and Lennon live in the “Dakota” apartment building in Manhattan where apartments sell for millions of dollars. Also, not too surprisingly, their home is heated with natural gas, as we noted earlier.  So these “celebrity” activists seem to be okay with using natural gas, they just don’t want anyone to develop the resource.  As a result, it stands to reason they don’t seem to mind the supposed “devastation” they are causing to our region every time they turn the thermostat up.  Around here we call that “devastation” economic opportunity and saving the family farm.  Then again, after their tour, they can’t say they saw devastation anywhere in Pennsylvania.  It simply doesn’t exist.

The larger point in all of this, that, by attacking the very resource they use to heat their homes, these artist/activists are actively trying to deprive the people of New York their property rights and the opportunity of earning a decent income, as so many Pennsylvanians are now able to do.  That might be fine for Yoko Ono, Sean Lennon and Susan Sarandon. They don’t have to worry about money, paying the bills and having adequate resources to raise their families.  Those matters are only a concern to others.  Yoko and company are, after all, exactly what FrackNation describes them as – the 1%.

Showcasing this detachment from how most folks live was the chariot they rode into town. That’s right, not content to travel in just any bus, these Hollywood activists drove to Pennsylvania in a Mercedes Setra Coach luxury tour bus.  Following the bus was a stunning, $195,000 Mercedes v12 BiTurbo car which turned out to be Yoko’s vehicle for the trip home.  It’s worth noting this car costs $148,000 more than what the average Susquehanna County family makes during an entire year.

It almost seemed as if they drove these vehicles to Pennsylvania and over its back roads so as to flaunt them, sending out a succinct message to people who, without natural gas, would struggle buying any new car.  They were oblivious to the role of natural gas in the success and growth of the local economy.

Oh, in case you were wondering, the Mercedes v12 BiTurbo gets approximately 11-17 miles per gallon.  The bus gets about 7-9 mpg.  Given that New York City is approximately 163 miles away from Montrose (one way) that means these activists drove two vehicles 326 miles each burning approximately 20 gallons of fossil fuel in their car and 36 gallons of fossil fuel in their. This is a conservative  estimate that assumes they drove a straight line with no stops or detours. Their commitment to principle was underwhelming, to say the least, as they motored their way to Pennsylvania in luxury vehicles spewing emissions out of their tailpipes the entire way.

“You say you’ve got a real solution, Well, you know, We’d all love to see the plan”

Once in Pennsylvania, they journeyed from Price Chopper north to Franklin Forks.  The first stop was at a quiet dirt road near a completed well site.  The site was clean, unobtrusive and producing natural gas without incident, although natural gas opponents have tried to suggest otherwise.

The worst things they could say about this well site consisted of what they heard on the site and via the rumor mill.  Sean demonstrated how little he knew when he talked about the site and suggested  New York could have 100,000 wells spaced a quarter-mile apart.   The size of this well site and today’s one-square mile unit sizes make that argument laughable, but, of course, he was as deadly serious just as he was when he said “I generally find political art to be pretentious and stupid” and then proceeded to engage in it.

The other sound they heard was the well equipment, which, upon reaching certain pressures, releases water into the tank.  You can hear some of the local opponents describe this process in various nefarious terms (e.g. “terrifying”) that have no connection with reality.  Moreover, no methane was being released, contrary to what some of the non-experts on-ste suggested.  Natural gas is the solution for the rural economies of not only Pennsylvania, but also New York and there is a plan to do it safely.  It’s called the SGEIS in New York.

The reality is that natural gas is being produced safely and has provided significant benefits to rural economies throughout Pennsylvania.

[myyoutubeplaylist Yt_Y_XfthD0, DtVGaP_kiRE, -h3Fy1C4QZs]

“Imagine all the people living life in peace” 

While the group began the tour at this completed well site, their Mercedes v12 BiTurbo and Mercedes bus blocked the road, preventing local residents from accessing their homes.  Watch what Vera had to say about that.  So thoughtful of others!  Imagine.

The folks living up this small rural road had to wait for everyone on the bus to finish taking pictures while the bus blocked the road because, in Vera’s words, “they were destroying the country” and then a few minutes she was worrying about how close they were to the pipeline that might, according to her, blow up any second.  What?

Here are a few videos of the bus holding up traffic at a couple different spots.

[myyoutubeplaylist jxB_xkUl2GE, 5YbUqkCOLms]

The next stop, after doing a drive-by of a new compressor station where dozens of people were gainfully employed on what will be a pretty innocuous facility, was back in the hamlet of Franklin Forks where the convoy pulled over at the Manning home.  They talked there for a while, next to this sign.


While they were finishing up, we asked Vera why she didn’t take the group to Heavenly Angels.  She told us the owners wouldn’t allow her on their property.  Vera, despite concerns expressed by her and Craig about property rights and trespass, has had some issues of that sort herself.

Afterwards, we were off to Craig Stevens home, driving by Salt Springs State Park and the DePue farm from Truthland along the way.  The bus paused briefly at the DePue driveway but, curiously, never slowed at the park where naturally occurring methane has been seeping from a spring, and being lit on fire, for centuries.   It seemed to pick up a little speed, in fact.   The crowd spoke with some reporters there and hung out inside the Stevens home for close to an hour as this man of many words apparently entertained.

Meanwhile, we got to take a picture of his upside down flag.  It’s not readily apparent what message is being sent with that flag but perhaps it resonated with some of characters riding the bus.

The bus left the Stevens home to journey up Route 167, west to Route 267 and then back east past a hydraulic fracturing site that was as clean and orderly as it might be to reconnect with Route 167.  It was a strange route, but, then again, everything about this reality show tour was strange.


The most interesting part of the day came next.  We proceeded to Dimock, expecting to visit Carter Road where some of the same characters previously rallied on behalf of the Sautners.  That battle ended of course when the EPA declared last year that the water in that town was safe. So, they moved down the state road a bit to visit a junkyard owned by one of the last remaining litigants in Dimock.

A junkyard in Pennsylvania is defined as any outdoor establishment, place of business, or activity which is maintained, used or operated for storing, keeping, buying or selling junk; for the maintenance or operation of a garbage dump, sanitary landfill or scrap metal processor, or for the storage of ten or more junked vehicles.”  See the aerial photo below and you can count all of the abandoned cars:

Screen Shot 2013-01-18 at 1.22.42 PM

We thought this a bit strange as well, given the fact auto salvage yards are a frequent source of groundwater contamination, but, hey, if that’s all they’ve got, so be it. What made this stop interesting was the man who showed up for it; Phelim McAleer, the producer of FrackNation.  We heard from a friendly landowner that he might be joining the tour and we wanted to be there.

Once the bus stopped in Dimock and everyone unloaded, the anti’s were actually yelling at the FrackNation film maker for being on their property.  So, apparently it’s fine for the activists to trespass enough to have restraining orders placed against them, but heaven forbid someone takes one step into their driveway (2:05).  Then Vera tells him to go away and announces he has no idea what he is talking about (2:29).   Sorry, but I don’t think McAleer is the one in denial.

Watch the video as the tour group tries shoving Phelim off the property (he was well within the highway right-of-way by the way).  Not to be deterred, Phelim peppered a fleeing Sarandon with questions while Josh Fox intones that he didn’t want to speak with Phelim.  Wonder why?  Well, you’ll have to watch FrackNation on January 22 for the answer.  Also, be sure to listen for the local landowner taking some video of his own and pointing out he wouldn’t have a job but for natural gas.  No reaction from the gang on the bus regarding that statement.

As the day came to an end, the tour bus left rural Pennsylvania and headed back to the Big Apple.  Worried about industrialization, contamination and pollution, they headed back to the city, which apparently, in their strange world, seemed to be the best place to go to get away from pollution and contamination.

The whole point of the trip, of course, was to send a message to Governor Cuomo.  Well, good luck to them in that regard, because the pictures they took show an industry creating thousands of jobs for Pennsylvanians with almost no footprint on the land compared to the city from which they came.

Let’s stop listening to natural gas celebrity opponents such as like Lady Gaga, Mark Ruffalo, Sean Lennon, and Yoko Ono who are simply looking for more publicity. Let’s start listening to science.  Let’s start listening to reason.  And, just one more thing…

“Imagine there’s no countries, It isn’t hard to do, Nothing to kill or die for”

Aren’t those the words of John Lennon himself?  Gaining energy independence will help save Americans from going overseas and fighting wars where access to foreign oil is a strategic imperative.  That little factor didn’t seem to enter the minds of anyone on the tour.

Something else seemed to be missing as well.  Do these folks have any clue how absurd they look?  Yoko Ono was born into power and wealth.  She’s worth an estimated $500 million.  There are only 2,700 people in a world of roughly 5.8 billion people over 18 years of age who are worth $500 million.  That puts her in the top 0.00005%.  Yet, she came to a junkyard in northeastern Pennsylvania to protest a process that produces the natural gas heating her palatial apartment in the city and which just happens to offer the people of our region their own chance at wealth for the first time in a long time.  Yoko, apparently, doesn’t care about others’ wealth, only her own.  Fittingly, when the day was over, her driver escorted her to the back seat of the v12 Biturbo and away they all went in their two Mercedes, burning fossil fuels all the way back home to Penny Lane. May they never return.

  • observer
    Posted at 18:57h, 18 January Reply

    That Craig sure seems like an angry person. See the arrest record that was posted on Texas Sharon thanks to Chip Northrup.

  • Michele S
    Posted at 19:00h, 18 January Reply

    Bravo to the EId Team. What a great report! Glad you were all there to record the circus. After reading posts on EID
    Facebook it nice to read the posts of the Dimock Proud standing up for their community. Those are the voices that need to be heard.

  • Vera Scroggins
    Posted at 23:12h, 18 January Reply

    Of course , you couldn’t find anything good about any of us or what we did
    or were doing yesterday.

    thankfully, not everyone thinks like you do and others find much good in what we did
    and said and are sharing with the world.

    We couldn’t turn off North Rd. at the Frack site, because WPX vehicles were blocking
    the road and so, we waited for about five mins. to look at the site from that angle and
    took some video from inside the bus and went on to the next site. We avoided any dirt
    roads after the first dirt road, Franklin Forks Rd., because the snow and ice was very difficult to navigate for the bus and stayed only on paved roads. So, Carter Rd. was not able to be viewed, which I usually include in the citizen tours.

    I show what the sites look like and how they are close to homes and scattered throughout our county. About 650 gas wells so far and counting and the increasing compressor stations and high-pressure pipelines.

    Everyone, who visits on my tours , and most are average Americans, middle America, landowners in NY , they are seriously disturbed at the industrialization of rural America.

    We asked for “Artists Against Fracking” to come and visit and experience the changes for themselves and not read about it or see videos and see if this is what they want for their areas.

    Now we are asking Gov. Cuomo and other NY legislators to come and experience what is happening to us and all the changes . Will see if he comes.

    If we are so ridiculous and without any validity, why follow us all around and take notes and videos and make a big deal about what we do.
    If it’s so inane , then allow us to just do our antics and it will have no affect since it has no science to it or sense to it, according to you.

    We simply come, view, take photos, videos and share it with others and let people make their decisions . This is America, we don’t all have to agree.

    We thank Yoko and all who took the time and made the effort to drive three hours here and back and view sites for hours and hear the stories and braved the cold temps. They came to see for themselves.

    I asked WPX to talk to us and answer questions and they refused and they preferred to just follow us around and block a roadway and access road and not show any welcoming attitude. We asked Phelim to leave after he kept repeating his inane questions and comments and he refused to leave and had to be threatened to leave the property of Mr. Kemble and refused to get away from the doorway of the bus and kept hammering Ms. Sarandon and Yoko with his comments.

    • Victor Furman
      Posted at 00:52h, 19 January Reply

      Vera. why follow you around and debunk your BS… simple. The truth is not as intriging nor sells as well as your lies….but….. truth still needs to be put out there or the lie is all that will exsist. If Cuomo or any real NYS legislator were to come on a tour bus with you Vera will you allow me on the bus…? with a mic to tell our side….? and tour our friends of natural gas who reside in Dimock and other drilling communities…?, Will you let us take them on a well pad tour where a tour is presented by the rig workers and not some fanatic anti with an agenda and nothing but accusations.,,? Did you tell Yoko, Sean, and Sarandon that the homes in franklin forks were near a natual gas phenonemon (Salt springs) Don’t answer Vera I already know it. so do you… just like you know why we would not let this tour go by without a presence.

      • Bill Ferullo
        Posted at 11:12h, 19 January Reply

        In Susquehanna the truth likes to get suppressed as much as possible .From your Planning board to your other official and the industry too .Nice bunch of suck ups ,but your issues there go way beyond the limits of your county .Emissions and pollution don’t stop at county lines .Also why do you hide a map of wells ,impoundments ,compressors that the public should be able to get .In Bradford anyone can get this info from our planning board ,why not in your county.When I called i was told it wasn’t public info ( know what this is BS) .I thank God for those in Susquehanna that fight ever day to bring out the real truth to what goes on there .Suck ups don’t really like the real truth coming out ,and there are plenty of them .

        • Tom Shepstone
          Posted at 07:10h, 20 January Reply

          This hard to follow.

    • Loren Salsman
      Posted at 06:31h, 19 January Reply


      Why didn’t you go to Switzer’s, Carter’s, Bill Ely’s, or any of the other litigants that have settled their lawauit and are using their wells ? Ray’s water has tested fine for years and there is nothing wrong with it. As far as the “industrialization”, us locals love it. Maybe you imports should shut your mouths and move. You don’t know science and you obviously don’t need a job, so go to Vermont where they have banned fracking (even though they don’t have gas !) We are tired of your crap.

      Loren Salsman

      • Vera Scroggins
        Posted at 07:50h, 19 January Reply

        Switzer’s, Carter’s, Ely’s have signed gas orders and the other litigants have signed gag orders; They don’t drink their water straight unless it’s either bottled or through a filter. And we don’t know for sure if those filters take all the possible chemicals and contaminants out without seeing testing results for those specific elements that have come up in other tests. Are you drinking your water, Loren, without a filter? And if you’re tired of the “crap”, don’t listen or watch.
        You do your “science” and your version of the truth and I have to share my understanding and science.
        I couldn’t go on Carter Rd. as I said because of the condition of the dirt roads and the size of the bus. We had serious trouble on the first dirt road we went on.
        If it’s so easy to understand, why had DEP still not come to a conclusion about Franklin Forks contamination.
        And what can you say about DEP finding “gas drilling” responsible for the latest Lenox contamination of water wells on route 106 and Creek Rd. Are these a lie , also ?
        DEP determined this and I have the documents from DEP.
        would you like to see them? I sent copies to Tom and Joe in EID.
        NYers are smart enough and savvy enough to know not to listen to people who are financially benefiting from all this and don’t want to lose their royalties and jobs , but will
        listen to those who are willing to come forth and show the damages.

      • Michael Fitzgerald
        Posted at 14:48h, 19 January Reply

        Loren… unless you are Native American, you’re really an import, too. Just saying…

        • Tom Shepstone
          Posted at 07:16h, 20 January Reply

          So you stand with Yoko, the top 0.00005% against the people of Dimock.

          • Michael Fitzgerald
            Posted at 09:05h, 20 January

            And with Native Americans…

    • Dave
      Posted at 11:09h, 19 January Reply

      The reason EID follows you around is to expose your delusion. If they don’t people might actually believe your fantasy. If these words hurt, I am not sorry for that.

    • Sherry
      Posted at 18:34h, 19 January Reply

      I watched – Phelim wasn’t being pushy or obnoxious or pestering anyone. Plenty of people stepped in front of him and were closer to the Mercedes bus steps than he. You and your kind just have a problem with his questions, it seems. You were physically aggressive with him while Josh Fox ran for the comfort and safety of the bus. It was Josh Fox’s comment that the fact that his film’s faucets flamed BEFORE fracing was irrelevant that set Phelim off on this quest in the first place to expose the truth. No wonder you guys and gals don’t want to answer the tough questions in front of your celebs or have them even exposed to possibly hearing something you don’t want them to. You have a problem with questions for which you have no adequate answer fitting your cause.

      • Vera Scroggins
        Posted at 08:04h, 20 January Reply

        Sherry, you give a tour in our county and show any flaming faucets or any areas that flaming happens because of methane that you knew were flaming before the gas industry came..

        We were looking for this in our county , which you , pro-gassers like to say was happening since 1669.

        This is not the main problem. Methane and heavy metals and radiums are being released from the drilling and fracking disturbing the earth and rocks beneath us.

        And the air emissions from the gas sites and compressor stations are emitting all kinds of toxins that we are breathing now.

        And we now exposed to super-high pressure pipelines throughout the county.

        You show me the wealth in our county. It’s mostly in the hands of the gas companies. They give a small percentage to the locals and since most of you are so much in need, you lap it up like a starving dog.
        Even one of our biggest landowners in Dimock, with 700 acres, told me he’s only getting 1/8 of what he was four years ago. It’s dropping like a fracked rock.

        I am exposing what is happening and if you disagree , then you give citizen tours to people and show them your truth.

        Show them the wonders that you are impressed with.

        And if you are still getting up at 4 am. to work in the barn or go to work, then where is this great wealth. Why are you still working? and show us your new homes.

        It’s been about five years.— aren’t you a millionaire yet?

        • Sherry
          Posted at 14:18h, 20 January Reply

          That sure was a long answer just to say no no one wanted to answer Phelim’s question.

          As far as the tours, I tell people that if they really want the truth, skip the tours by anybody on either side. If you are really interested in the truth, drive down and see it for yourself. Drop into the local cafes or restaurants. Look around at all the new construction, residings, barns, etc. Despite what you like to promote, there are plenty of people supporting new equipment. Who says just because they leased they should have to give up their farming? Now some of them can do it because they enjoy it and don’t have to rely solely on it for their living.

          If anyone is interested, take a drive to Salt Springs State Park. There is water coming up out of the ground there – you’ll find it, if not just ask. Don’t forget to take a lighter with you because gas escaping with this water will light. This is the same type of water many of the wells in the area use. I don’t think it takes much of a genius to make a connection between lighting it here or from faucets. There is an affidavit on file from an old-timer in the area who reported that one of the highlights of their school day was running to the top of the school and lighting the water on file.

        • Dan Coffee
          Posted at 09:13h, 25 January Reply

          Please let me give you a few facts. Under the top soil you stand on is a layer of rock very close to the surface known as shale. In some areas of the world, this shale is natural fractures by faults and natural fractures as a result of faulting and natural fractures due the ice age and the weight of the glacier. This is the fact on how natural gas gets into the water table. Mother nature is to blame, not the natual gas industry.

          Another fact on the economic side of the issue. You mentioned the land owner is receiving less money than they did 5 years ago. There are 3 factors that land owners are affected by in the receipt of landowner royalties. Price of gas, taxes, and natural gas is a depleting resource. It is a fact that gas was once over $10 per thousand cubic foot and now struggling at around $3.50 thousand cubic foot. The well has produced for 5 years, thus depletion of the resevoir and the tax, I can’t comment on but it could be due to an increase on natural gas. The first 2, price of gas and depletion, are the major factors for this landowner receiving less money today than they received 5 years ago.
          I respect your first ammendment right to freedom of speech and you have every right to protest BUT with that right, we as Americans need to be responsible and get facts straight from experts not from journalist trying to sell a story. I would respect opponents of the fossil fuel industry more if the had the conviction not to support the industry. I will give you a personal conviction of mine. I feel the alcohol industry ruins life’s and causes death through alcoholism and drunk driving. I choose not to buy their products or support them in any way. This is my personal conviction but I don’t feel I should be able to stop anyone else from enjoying something I don’t support. With this being said, this would mean that you would not by petroleum products of any kind. Gasoline, natural gas, plastics, waxes, medical product and the list goes on and on. At lease natural gas is the cleanest fuel we have and we can replace gasoline with it to reduce emissions and stop foreign imports of oil. I hope these facts are met with an open mind and help others understand why it is so important we continue to produce the fuel that is the bridge until our brilliant researchers can come up with a better solution.

    • Brad Arnold
      Posted at 19:24h, 19 January Reply

      Typical liberal elitist. You feel entitled to resources, yet no one else should have have access to them.

  • Bill Ferullo
    Posted at 11:04h, 19 January Reply

    EID picked right up on this ,right ! you probably couldn’t what to print your take on the whole thing .I wish I was there I really want to meet Tom .I got plenty to discuss with him .You will never stop the truth of what is going on with NG drilling coming out .The evidence is everywhere .

    • Vera Scroggins
      Posted at 08:09h, 20 January Reply

      that’s right , Bill, they will never stop the truth coming out.

      Let them get the media and the scientists and the celebrities and whomever speak for them and let them do their tours and show the world.

      The truth is obvious and you don’t have to have degrees or money to show it.

      That’s why NY, Maryland, Delaware are still closed to gas drilling.

      There’s enough people there to come and see what is happening and when they see, they do not want any of this near their homes, schools, playgrounds, businesses. They are not that desperate for money to compromise their lives and health.

      • Tom Shepstone
        Posted at 13:56h, 20 January Reply

        Vera, your comments are becoming hysteric in nature. I hope our readers are also watching the video and seeing you talk about looking out for the rural poor as you drag the top 0.00005% in here on your trendy crusade to deny ordinary folks a living.

      • observer
        Posted at 19:38h, 20 January Reply

        Watching Craig Stevens at the Democratic Inquisition in Albany on the 10th his one statement speaks volumes….

        ” There are 6 of us in PA” says Stevens “That speak out against the gas companies, Everyone else was bought out” I laugh just repeating this….

      • Bill
        Posted at 18:56h, 21 January Reply

        NY is NOT closed to drilling. There are a set of rules and a GEIS that have been in place for years, and allow drilling and low-volume hydraulic fracturing, the result of which is over 14,000 active wells most of which have been stimulated through fracturing. Only high volume hydraulic fracturing required by horizontal drilling has been affected by the state-imposed moratorium. It’s also worth noting that many of these wells (as has been noted by other commentors) are located in the Finger Lakes region, home to farms, vineyards, and a growing tourist industry.

  • ken beers
    Posted at 12:51h, 19 January Reply

    Vera, Now that you had your 15seconds of fame (in your mind) .That you got a chance to rub elbow’s with yoko and gang.Do you fell good, got the butterfly thingy going on? News flash, yoko and crew will chew you up spit you out and throw u under the Mercedes bus.You take your little tour to the same lame places (thinking you can’t find any new)? Most of the people you supposably interview are in it for the money because they didn’t think when they signed their half acre leases! Now they want to get the big bad gas company back! By trying to sue them for millions!What a deal free money. Can you please find a new location? Here’s a thought, take your little bus for a ride to williamsport pa up rt 15 to the new york border (report back and tell us “what you see) .Take a little side trip through Mansfield, blossberg, Troy and rt 6! Open your eyes, see what the other 98 percent of us see. New barns, new buildings, new tractors, implements, cars etc. That’s right progress throughout (gas money vera)! In your comment I see that you, yoko and gang BRAVED the cold weather! Oh wow really? Well wake up all us real people that actually work wake up every day at 4am go to the barn, work in the construction trade’s. All day long, every day we brave the cold. You know why? Want a clue? Because we have to. This is how we attempt to support and feed our families. Give peace a chance! Huh try giving us real people a chance! In your world, your mind you show what you say is the horrible devastation of the Pipelines, the same Pipelines that bring (fracked natural gas to yoko and friends) Oh but that’s different they can’t see it. Hypocrites!!! Why dont you try telling the truth? After the Pipelines are completed, they are planted back with clover, chicory, alfalfa, warm and cold season grasses. Everything that improves wildlife habitat. Yes better than before! Which in turn enables your “friends “to enjoy the pleasure of having these beautiful birds (that we created the habitat for) come to their bird feeders in their city invironment! But again you refuse to see any good out of this. I read somewhere that yoko ‘s son will leave, move from here if fracking is to move forward. Well wake up it’s coming! Oh I forgot its already here, as you are all using pa fracked gas! Maybe if your nice and talk to your new friends? You to can move? Oh yeah ask if there is room for your little friend that plays with toy trains! Ummmmmmmm can’t think of his name offhand.

  • getthefacts
    Posted at 13:28h, 19 January Reply

    With all the money these so called stars have I’m guessing they would have done some sort of checking into the people they were going to pal around with. Had they done this would they have been on the bus with them? Maybe the people of Susquehanna County should send a copy of this article and the videos to them. Watching the video the “stars” other than Fox look quite taken back by the behavior of Scroggens,Stevens, and the Junk Yard owner. Fox knew what they were before he came. If their mission was to gather information and for something good to come of it they failed. Had they not chosen to go around with the group they did they may have actually gotten some correct information. After seeing this they should issue a very public We’re sorry to the residence of Susquehanna County. The “group” they went around with reflects very poorly on them.

  • John
    Posted at 08:57h, 20 January Reply

    Tell me, what the heck is a Craig Stevens?, and why is he so angry? How long has he lived in the area. Must be a transplant. Looks like he’s quite the big mouth, I wish I were there.

    • observer
      Posted at 14:30h, 20 January Reply

      Craig Stevens is a fictional story teller who’s good at it…. but his record is as long as my right leg and I don’t know why anyone would listen to him.

    • Vera Scroggins
      Posted at 19:01h, 20 January Reply

      Craig’s family lived in the area; His father and grandmother died past few years
      and he came back to live here and bought the ancestral farmhouse.

      His family is in Silver Lake Township for generations.

      We can be angry or upset to see our area overrun by industrialists and polluters.

  • vic
    Posted at 10:04h, 20 January Reply


    hypocrite – socialist – untruthful

    Look up the definitions…

    Had Loko done her homework she would never had made this trip to that junkyard

    • Vera Scroggins
      Posted at 19:23h, 20 January Reply

      Vic, that’s the best you can do is call me names — that’s the final ploy of the desperate.

      sorry, you won’t see drilling in your county—

      have to move to Pa. for that;

      maybe, some of your friends in Dimock or the county will sell you a small piece of land next to their producing wells and you can get some royalties and get on with your life….

    • James Barth
      Posted at 21:24h, 20 January Reply

      Dear “Vic”,

      Rachael Colley headlined the article by calling Yoko Ono, Loco Ono. You followed up by referring to her as Loko.

      Shall I respond by naming Victor Furman, Victor Vermin? How about Phlegm McLeery?

      Tom, these types of people are all disciples of your wit. Congratulations. Rachael even gets paid? In an earlier post, you erroneously accused/confused my complaints that these people are “snide” (although I did not use that word), by writing that I say this because of the positions they espouse?

      IMHO, most of the positions you/they espouse are false. The way they write about their opposition, and refer to them, is snide.

      Your side should purge your bowels through your bottom opening, not your top. The fact that you find yourselves witty, as you write in this fashion, is terribly sad.

      • Tom Shepstone
        Posted at 06:41h, 21 January Reply

        It was admirers of Yoko Ono who referred to her new clothing line as insane and wacky. See: or

        We just picked up on that theme, which, of course, you know. Our assertions are also backed up by facts (with numerous links to sources), contrary to your allegation that much of what we say is false. I have been called a shill more times than I can remember by folks on your side, Jim; folks who know nothing of me or my background. Like you, they simply assume they’re correct and start attacking anyone who disagrees with them, just as you attacked FrackNation with seeing it. I love that movie because it captures, so well, the arrogance and condescension of the other side in contradiction of the facts and the interests of landowners who you like to dismiss. I am also ceaselessly amazed at how incredibly sensitive your side is about criticism you dish out to others routinely. Finally, we let you talk, by the way, something I certainly don’t see from the other side very often. I suggest you use that freedom to make some cogent points on subjects where we might agree or actually change one or the other’ mind.

      • Vera Scroggins
        Posted at 07:27h, 21 January Reply

        that’s right, James, all they are left with is name-calling and most people can see through that. It’s the desperate acts of the desperate.

        • Tom Shepstone
          Posted at 07:46h, 21 January Reply

          Seems like you were doing a lot of that Vera, as you hung out with the top 0.00005% while visiting a junkyard to make your point and suggest you were representing the rural poor or something. I think we know who is desperate. Be sure to catch FrackNation!

      • Vic Furman
        Posted at 10:32h, 21 January Reply

        Barth Point….

        However Please your writing talents to stand up for me when these activist throw the stones in my direction. you know: Fat A–, frackman, gassh.., shill. redneck, sellout, I could go on and on but I don’t have to…. you get my point by now Bart

        • Tom Shepstone
          Posted at 16:20h, 21 January Reply

          I think Yoko also had us in mind when she did this. What do you think, Vic?

          • Vic Furman
            Posted at 16:44h, 21 January

            I think it was new batteries

        • James Barth
          Posted at 09:11h, 23 January Reply

          Victor, Vic Furman, are you also Vic?

          Victor, in my universe of logic, there exists a large difference between the act of posting a first draft, only draft, comment in a blog thread, in the heat of the moment, in response to an article, or another comment, sometimes late at night, and, sometimes under the influence of a few too many…, and, a person who is being paid to write opinion essays on the EID website, such as Tom, Joe, and Rachael.

          Hopefully, these people write more than one draft, while sober, and have time to reflect and choose, the content, and style, of their writing. They are writing an opinion piece, upon which the subsequent comments are based, and which sets the tone of the comments. The first words in this essay, in the headline no less, are “Loco Ono and son”.

          As individuals, I know it is difficult for us to place past, personal, insults behind us, but, each article offers us that chance, instead of just bringing our baggage to the fray, or worse, inciting this very behavior, which is exactly what the opinion pieces written by the three people I referred to achieve, by setting such a sophomoric tone and content from the beginning…I find that to be disgusting. That is the point I have been making since I first posted in an EID site, after the juvenile Massaro/Colley report about Corbett’s kayak trip down the Delaware River, last August.

          It is a p0int that seems to totally elude the three EID writers I mentioned. They seem to draw no distinction concerning, what should be, the higher responsibility of writing of an article, and the writing of a comment. We reap what we sow, and their writing, in my opinion, reflects very poorly upon a multi-million dollar PR organization, such as EID, and invites the juvenile exchanges.

          • Tom Shepstone
            Posted at 11:44h, 23 January


            You’re make excuses.

            Here is what was said about me in a Scranton Times comment on Laura’s article about Yoko Ono:

            “It been reported that scumbag shepstone delibertly followed the bus all the way let me know where is car and it might magiclly get 4 flat tires!”

            That came from the Facebook account of someone named “Lone Bear.” You are one of Lonbe Bear’s friends, so don’t lecture me or anyone else about how to behave. You are perhaps the most thin-skinned commenter we have on this site. And, if you’re so proud of Yoko and don’t think she deserves to be called Loko, try this:


            For crying out loud, Jim, you’re the one being juvenile. Grow up.

            Still like you, but you’re making it difficult, man.


          • Victor Furman
            Posted at 12:28h, 23 January

            Jim Barth you wrote “We reap what we sow, and their writing, in my opinion, reflects very poorly upon a multi-million dollar PR organization, such as EID, and invites the juvenile exchanges.”

            It is so easy to throw stones in the direction of those whose opinions defer from our own. I often find myself responding to the very thing your condemn just from my fight or flight trigger response. I think Christ said it best “We all fall short from th glory of God!”

            Should we hold one another responsible for our misgivings even if those misgivings are triggered by flight or fight responses? My answer years ago would be hell no… fight every time. However here is my dilemma, If I chose to fight at every single remark made about my personal appearance, my mentality, my religious beliefs exc. exc. exc. at the many meeting I have attended I would be badly scarred if not dead by now like those who may have brought my wrath upon themselves. Maybe your familiar with me maybe not but, I have been in this debate from the start and have endured real explicit threats on line, on the phone sometimes at 3:am, and definitely at meetings such as the one in Sidney NY where a man named Jeremy said I would be lucky to get out of town alive.

            Maybe in a perfect Jim Barth world where the walls are high and normal is fenced in everybody holds hands and chants to the sounds of bongo’s in harmony, maybe no one speaks ill of another who’s opinion is different, at least not to their face, out here in the real world things have been taken to the extreme opposite. Not by EID, a PR Firm that would not even be needed except due to the actions of so called Environmentalist Extremist but rather because of the extremist themselves. EID does not need defending from me nor do I intently defend them in this post. I am just responding to your post where upon you seem to demand that if the beast of different opinion walk in the room then those in the room are to lie down and be devoured by the beast. It will never happen.

            If you want EID to go away then I offer you this as a peace treaty from my perspective. Stop all the fracking lies. Stop the theatrics. Stop using the product EID defends and open your eyes to the need of those who do use it.

          • Vera Scroggins
            Posted at 12:46h, 23 January

            yes, James, such name-calling writing does reflect badly on the EID organization.

            may be considered libelous, also.

          • Tom Shepstone
            Posted at 13:02h, 23 January

            You have the nerve to talk about name-calling after this?


            What kind of double-standards do you operate under, Vera?

          • Vera Scroggins
            Posted at 13:24h, 23 January

            I don’t write it as a Header for an article title and represent an organization

            that writes weekly.

            It’s your choice of words …..

          • Victor Furman
            Posted at 14:31h, 23 January

            great point Tom Vera moved into a brick home because the cost og glass (made with natural gas) is just too much

  • getthefacts
    Posted at 11:54h, 20 January Reply

    Guess Scroggins and Stevens are bright enough to know it wasn’t about the water. It was just about the $5 million the litigants wanted. Scroggins and Stevens seem to be attempting to fill in for the brown jugs. If it had been about the water wouldn’t they have taken the free treatment system and water testing instead of refusing? I don’t even think Switzer took a water buffalo and instead used her water the entire time. None of these people have put up For Sale signs. Instead one family moved into a nicer home accross the road and put up a pole barn, people have moved in family members, redone proches,built decks and put up privacy fences. Seems they all want to stay. Nothing wrong here. The family that moved was seen leaving with a truck full of plants and flowers from the yard. Seems they were just to nice to leave behind. Dimock seems to have let them back into the community even after all the lies about it and the people here. Now the litigants walk around with their noses in the air as if they are better than us. I don’t think so.

  • Pat
    Posted at 12:25h, 20 January Reply

    Who the hell is Vera Scroggins????? Furthermore, I graduated from the school that is in the Dimock area and I remember in high school chem class, the teacher demonstrating being able to light the water on fire from the wells in the area “of the drilling polluted wells” And that was back in the 70’s before drilling in the area was even dreamed of!! Oh my, does the term “scapegoat” come to mind????

    • Vera Scroggins
      Posted at 19:26h, 20 January Reply

      Pat, are you saying that you saw your teacher light water wells ?

      how do you light a “water well”, may I ask?

      do you light the water coming out of the faucet or what and did you actually see it

      and if that is the case, then can you replicate that for us today?

      take us to faucets in Dimock and light the water?

      make videos of it and identify where this is.

      • John
        Posted at 11:37h, 21 January Reply

        Vera, drilling in the area drops gas pressure in the ground. No doubt, there is less gas coming from the fresh water aquafers today than before drilling began.

        • Vera Scroggins
          Posted at 13:05h, 21 January Reply

          I see; you’ll have to talk with any hydro-geologist about your point.
          I’d like to see some scientific verification of that.

          I’ll ask one this week about that.

          • John
            Posted at 13:45h, 21 January

            I’m a petroleum engineer and have been fracing wells for over 30 years including 100’s in Pennsylvania. Oil Creek, near Titusville, was the site of oil seepages for possibly 1000’s of years. In fact, the native americans skimmed oil from the site of the first well drilled for oil. After drilling began in earnest in the area, the oil seepages disappeared. I’ve seen the phenomenon elsewhere. Natural gas seepages are still common but not as common as before drilling.

        • Vera Scroggins
          Posted at 19:33h, 21 January Reply

          All anecdotal information from Phyllis and nothing actually concrete shown.

          show us something concrete that lights up and lit up before the gas companies came.

          and I mean a faucet , not some swamp gas coming out of a hole in the ground.

          And she alleges that there was always methane in the water in the area; show the evidence of that and not just something she heard along the way.

          Dimock folks on Carter Rd. and elsewhere who were within 1,000 feet of a gas well, had some testing from Cabot Gas and they tested for gas or hydrocarbons and they have the written tests and shows no gas. And this is from Cabot and then after drilling, it shot through the roof in high amounts.

          You talk about Science, do the Science and get the written facts, not someone’s memories of long ago and what they heard.

          • Vera Scroggins
            Posted at 20:32h, 21 January

            it’s still upper -level methane that can be found in parts of our county and we have isotopic testing by the DEP showing Marcellus gas coming up into the aquifers
            and it’s at high concentrations which increase dramatically after drilling and fracking;

            We also have reputable , hydrogeologists , like Appalachia Consulting , which has been building and compiling a database of hundreds of tests in our county and Bradford Co. and shows that most of the tests show little or no methane in the water,
            which is contrary to the study that you mention, which is the study that Cabot funded.

            The controversy continues and both sides can show data and scientists that show opposite results.

            You pick your side and data and we pick ours. You take the chances with the corporate gas companies who are out for profits first of all and your health and future is way down the ladder of concerns.

            If it’s so safe , then drill first in the NYC Watershed and see how safe it is.
            How is the NYC Watershed methane levels? has anyone tested it for methane and kept records, so that you won’t have the excuses you cling to now, that methane was always there.

            When someone’s water changes color and spurts out of their faucet, when it never did for them and happens after drilling and fracking, then this is something to investigate and see the correlation to the drilling.

            Well, the cases continue to appear and Lenox, Pa. has determination letters from DEP this past year showing the “gas drilling” is at fault for their methane levels and other contaminants.
            Do you have anecdotal stories that Lenox is also awash with methane for centuries?

          • Tom Shepstone
            Posted at 22:34h, 21 January

            Read the reports from 1938, Vera. Talk to Brian Oram.

    • Victor Furman
      Posted at 19:39h, 20 January Reply


  • harry
    Posted at 18:10h, 20 January Reply

    So now Scroggins wants to put down our farmers and working people? Who does she think she is? I can’t imagine someone like her milking cows twice a day 365 days a year and taking care of them. These people have worked more hours and more days than you ever did or will. How dare you? Does she realize if it wasn’t for the farmers or the people with larger acerage no one would have signed and no one would benefit?

    ” And if you are still getting up at 4 am. to work in the barn or go to work, then where is this great wealth. Why are you still working? and show us your new homes.

    It’s been about five years.— aren’t you a millionaire yet?”

    She seems to be so insterested in how much money other people get or have gotten. Has anyone ever told her that it’s none of her business? Has law enforcement ever told her that what is on another persons property is none of her business and that she doesn’t have the right to tresspass? Maybe she should start to worry less about the people who have or may have more than her and worry about herself and her own business.

    “You show me the wealth in our county. It’s mostly in the hands of the gas companies. They give a small percentage to the locals and since most of you are so much in need, you lap it up like a starving dog.
    Even one of our biggest landowners in Dimock, with 700 acres, told me he’s only getting 1/8 of what he was four years ago. It’s dropping like a fracked rock.”

    Could it be that she sold the property she had that would have poss. given her royalties and is upset because she has nothing? She’s just like the liar litigants she doesn’t have enough and wants more. That is what the suit was all about nothing to do with water. Switzer has stated many times that she/they got a bad deal. No one put that pen in your hand and forced you to sign anything. The truth is you/they signed because you wanted money. Did you ask your neighbors how much they were going to get or what was offered to them? No, you signed your name away willnillie then got mad because you didn’t take the time to think or talk to others. You/they were the ones who were and are greedy. Next thing you know the litigants will file suit against the pen company.

  • A water drinker
    Posted at 10:50h, 21 January Reply

    Craig Stevens is confused at best. When he recently gave testimony near the end of the nearly 12-hour assembly hearing in Albany, the identified his “company” as Energy In Denial, Inc. He opened his statement by saying he is a “fifth generation New Yorker.” He later said he was born and raised in California. Now he owns a home in Pennsylvania.
    He’s about as credible a source on this topic as Yoko and Sean, who are both living off the spoils of John and his former bandmates.

    • Vera Scroggins
      Posted at 13:04h, 21 January Reply

      On Craig’s mother’s side, he’s a fifth generation NYer and on his father’s side, he’s a 6 th or 7 th generational Susquehanna County family; he lives in and owns the family homestead in our county. of Susquehanna .
      His father left for a time and moved to California and he was born there and
      came back a few years ago as an adult after his father died.
      He’s not confused. It’s those who know only part of the story who tend to be confused.
      that is the main problem, many don’t know the whole story unless you meet the people, get the info and hang out with them to know the full details
      and then those who are against us, just pull out parts of the story to prove their position and push their agenda.

      • Tom Shepstone
        Posted at 13:08h, 21 January Reply


        • Vera Scroggins
          Posted at 13:17h, 21 January Reply

          “Sure” means what, Tom?

          • Tom Shepstone
            Posted at 13:26h, 21 January

            It means I don’t find your explanation compelling. Craig says a lot of things. No one denies he lived in California or any of that. HIs explanation about being a 6th generation this or that wear thin, however. My family has lived in Damascus for 8 generations and in the Delaware River valley for many more than that. I only occasionally mention it for perspective. Craig uses it like it’s his first name but then offers other monikers when it’s convenient.

          • Bryant La Tourette Sr
            Posted at 22:52h, 21 January

            You stated fracking is destroying our land. Could you please tell me the process and regulations that are used in other countries that supply better than 80% or our Natural Gas and Oil we use now.
            Maybe I am all wrong here. Maybe I have been lead astray. I thought harvesting American domestic fuel is Manning up, taking responsibility for our usage? I wouldn’t think countries would hurt innocent people to provide what we need, do you? I don’t think they would kidnap people or use proceeds to support terrorism and killing of our soldiers, do you? I am sure regulations in Algeria, Chad, Colombia, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Iraq, Mauritania, Nigeria, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and Syria would exceed the USA standards , do they Vera?. Do you ever feel responsible for environments and life in other countries when filling your gas tank or using anything with petroleum base?

            I mean look at Martha Stewart, she was looked down upon for supporting overseas child labor. No one was kidnapped, shot at, killed, stripped of land, relocated , all she was doing was supporting commerce overseas to provide bargain prices here?

            Some people are callus and blind to facts about where our energy comes from, would you agree Vera?. I wouldn’t think you would be for supporting anything like that, would you Vera? You may be accused of being extreme, passionate and getting much needed attention. But have you ever thought about how you are advocating for foreign petroleum. I know I stand accused of advocating for big American fracking companies. Something I am proud of.
            If you answer the questions and give some deep thought and soul searching you might find it in your heart to see your hypocrisy and blind eye to the atrocities by supporting banning Natural gas in America. I know the statement “Save a soldier drill a well” upsets you and your blind followers probably due to the truth in it. So expand your horizons Vera . Harvest American domestic energy under the strictest guidelines and regulations in the world. It is time to cleanse yourself of supporting foreign fuel. It is time we do our part and lead other countries in the correct way to harvest Natural Gas and Oil. Reduce our dependency. Start leading the fight against crimes against the earth and humanity by greedy countries.
            Its time to be responsible for our usage.
            There are two options:
            Support Domestic harvesting and continue to improve upon alternative energy.
            Cleanse yourself of any and all products containing hydrocarbons and get true respect for living what it is you preach.

  • Pete Johnston
    Posted at 16:21h, 21 January Reply

    I met Craig Stevens at a local screening of “Gasland” a few years ago. He took money from the gas companies and then decided, for no apparent reason, to turn against them. He seemed imbalanced and angry and was certainly a hypocrite, which I freely pointed out. If I wasn’t such a peaceful guy, he might have learned a valuable lesson that day. The irony of the occasion was that the Sauntners were also there and I asked them after all this, if they were ultimately against responsible gas driling, they said “No”. This is a class war and NYC inhabitants are trying to keep the rural residents disenfranchised and stuck in poverty. This Vera person should go back to wherever she is from and stay there. We in Upstate NY and Eastern PA can dictate our own fate, we don’t need outsiders deciding what industry we need in our area.

  • ken beers
    Posted at 17:29h, 21 January Reply

    Vera, you seam like a very unhappy, disgruntled person!you really have to learn to calm down really you keep beating the same old dead horse, again you go to the same places, please see if you can find someplace new? Why don’t you answer me and admit that your wrong? Again go on a tour up rt 15!! You keep cutting every body on here (that tries to defend their self) down! You for some reason refuse to look at the big picture? Do u have children over seas fighting for the flow of big oil for us to constantly consume here? When we have our own right under our feet. We want our kids home here with us out of harms way, surely your not that ignorant! Are you? Apparently you don’t care about our men and women over seas, farmer’s and any body else, as you have shown your true colors!! We are the ones that own are farms and land, not you! Drilling is coming to new York vera, like it or not!!!

    • Tom Shepstone
      Posted at 19:07h, 21 January Reply


      Further evidence of the absurdity of bringing Yoko here to offer her opinion is offered by this:

      Also, see if you can count how many times Vera calls Phelim childish names in this video, starting at about 4:00.

      • PaRoughneck
        Posted at 20:30h, 21 January Reply

        When do we get to the act where we all find out Vera is actually in the employ of the industry in an attempt to depict the anti’s as irrational?

      • Victor Furman
        Posted at 20:52h, 21 January Reply

        I have played many video’s on my PC but thisis the first one where all 3 of my Yorkies ran and hid onder the couch

      • Victor Furman
        Posted at 22:54h, 21 January Reply

        I still say it’s new batteries

  • observer
    Posted at 20:48h, 21 January Reply

    I just watched the video above. Why does it not surprise me that Vera acted this way. I am sure that she not only unknowingly embarrassed herself with her childish playground behavior but embarrassed everyone with any common sense that may have been around her during her bigoted display of anti drill showmanship. I also notice that the two thugs who crowd around Phelim during this constant barrage on his ethnicity were the same two thugs who in Bainbridge NY came after the owner of Mirabato Fuel ready to ponce on him because they didn’t like what he had to say about a pipeline that would bring natural gas to Amphenol saving 1300 NY jobs in that community. The other Guy “Craig Stevens” who’s video testimony in Albany on the 10th of January, was featured guest speaker on the Bob Joseph Show radio 1290, where he verbally showed his respect for the state of NY by calling Governor Cuomo over the air waves and I quote word for word ” A Stupid Mongoloid”. I wonder if Barbra Lifton and Sweeny knew of this transient to NY’s capitol lack of respect for our state when they allowed this PA resident to testify in Albany NY.

  • ken beers
    Posted at 20:55h, 21 January Reply

    Tom, first thing we were brought up to respect others.My father would have struck me down, beat the crape out of me so to speak. I give Phelim a lot of credit for holding his own! This poor girl really has a problem, In a way u have to feel sorry for her, as she thinks she is still in grade school. She is starving for attention and uses abusive words to gain this in front of her new best freinds.really vera to cuss, swear and call people freaks! Tom we have it made, they are done .!Mr Coumo certainly is not a stupid person. He will look at them and think the same as any normal person would! They are nutjobs!!! EYERY BODY SHOULD WATCH THE ABOVE VIDEO!! Thanks for posting it Tom :

    • Vera Scroggins
      Posted at 22:48h, 21 January Reply

      Phelim was imposing himself on Yoko and Susan and wouldn’t leave and
      was intrusive ; we did what we could to get him out of there.
      took a good while and he finally left.

      several of us had to talk or deal with him to get him away.

      Freak is not such a bad word. You act like a freak and you get called a freak.

      Look at the names Vic calls me– of course, that’s okay….

      • Tom Shepstone
        Posted at 11:17h, 22 January Reply

        You called him more than “freak” Vera.

  • getthefacts
    Posted at 21:04h, 21 January Reply

    Isn’t Craig Stevens the one who drives the Magic Water van with I believe Virginia plates on it? If he can take anything out of the water why don’t the litigants buy a system from him? Didn’t I read he complained that his mom didn’t sign for enough money with the gas company so he came back and had a fit so he’d get more money per acre than she did? After he got the money he decided to stay.

    • Vera Scroggins
      Posted at 22:50h, 21 January Reply

      get the facts, mr. or mrs. get the facts; Craig’s mother is dead and he has spoken of his grandmother who was offered a lease and was not the owner but a life-tenant. His grandmother has passed now , also.

      • Victor Furman
        Posted at 11:51h, 22 January Reply

        Vera, you should reveal the whole truth about the leasing and the taking of the grandmothers land. A life tenant she was but there is so much more behind Craig’s story that he does not tell.

  • Bryant La Tourette Sr
    Posted at 22:51h, 22 January Reply

    Once again you have avoided all my questions. In Dimock you avoided my questions and insisted on touch therapy . At the save Dimock water rally ,where you drew 13 people of which only 3 were from Dimock and they were two litigant families and you. When I asked Bill Huston one of the people attending that rally why so few people on such an important issue, He told me all of Dimock and Susquehanna county had been paid off? Recently I ask you why are you staying in such a toxic area in your view when you are free to move? You did not respond either? These are just basic questions?

    • Vera Scroggins
      Posted at 08:57h, 23 January Reply

      I would rather talk to you personally and have a sit down; if you would like to do that , let me know. I plan to leave the area at some point if this industry continues. I keep hoping for a moratorium like in NY. We are all doing what we think and believe is the best for ourselves and families and country.

      • Victor Furman
        Posted at 12:35h, 23 January Reply

        all six of you….. looks like you’ll be moving soon and I don’t think NY will be an option.
        Drilling coming soon

      • Bryant La Tourette Sr
        Posted at 08:36h, 27 January Reply

        I thought about a sit down. However, after seeing this video that won’t happen. This is shameful All this person wanted was yours of someone’s view. The question was direct , If you didnt feel it was appropriate all you had to do was say no comment. You had a chance for an honest statement from your view.
        Your high point of being around celebrity was also your low point. Calling someone a “genetic freak” You are a bully and a sad display and revealed your true inner self.

        Here is some more Art for you to enjoy.

        The truth is needed and your thug mentality when exposed is very ugly.

  • getthefacts
    Posted at 15:11h, 23 January Reply

    Scroggins and Stevens continue to go around pretending that they live in Dimock. They do not! They do not represent Dimock either. As a matter of fact they are quite the embarrassment to Dimock. It seems that the people who hung around with the Sautners are attempting to become them. They like the attention just as much as they do/did. Guess they don’t care that it’s not the kind of attention anyone whould want but some is better than none. Do Scroggins and Stevens really want their families and people who know them to be embarrassed to know or be related to them? Maybe they should take a step back and look at what they look like on the net and in person. This is what everyone will think of you for quite a long time. It will follow you as it just doesn’t go away. Is this really what you want?

  • Victor Furman
    Posted at 10:50h, 24 January Reply

    Taken from the pistol packing mama’s facebook before taken offline in a settlement.

    Congratulations on your new home. Don’t worry about the brown water jug I will continue to carry it for you, good luck!”

  • NY4GAS
    Posted at 23:07h, 24 January Reply

    Vera, i mentioned this in another thread but i will repeat here. You say “Freak” is not a bad word. Keep in mind that you called the man a freak and then asked him if he had fallen at birth and if that was what made him a “freak”. That screams volumes of your awful character. It is simple to deduce from that, that you would classify an adult that suffered a traumatic head injury as a child a “freak”. you are a sick individual and i do not believe it is the result of any childhood accident.

  • Rock Jock PA
    Posted at 19:45h, 25 January Reply

    Holy cow. I have just read through all of the comments above and find Vera’s and all of her anti-Marcellus zealot friends’ commentary to be incredibly rude, factually deficient and most annoyingly arrogant.

    These modern-day Luddites ignore basic science, facts and data that show that this incredible low carbon resource can be exploited in a responsible way while hugely benefiting the people of the area.

    Most of the areas in the east (Ohio, PA and WV) where shale development is occurring are in mostly impoverished rural areas where the people are being lifted up out of generational poverty. Does Vera want to ensure that this needs to stop and that the population should remain sucking at the public teat, rather than become financially independent?

    It sure sounds that way to me.

  • Cabot and Williams Are Spear Throwers in Shale Gas Revolution
    Posted at 07:48h, 03 January Reply

    […] household size of 2.66 persons in the metro region and we’re talking 20.7 million people, including Loco Ono in her fabulously expensive Dakota digs.  Just ponder that for a moment. It won’t take you long to realize how truly insignificant […]

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