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Marcellus Energy Park, Lycoming County’s Latest Sign of Progress

It’s no secret Williamsport, PA is growing fast as a result of the natural gas development taking place in Lycoming County–it’s the 7th fastest growing metropolitan area in the country to be exact! And, one project is going to further increase Williamsport’s noteworthy economic success.  The project is a joint industrial park endeavor by Fishlips, LLC and the Williamsport Lycoming Chamber of Commerce, aptly named the Marcellus Energy Park (more after the jump).

Marcellus Energy Park

Image from Fishlips, LLC

Marcellus Energy Park, the first natural gas industrial park in Lycoming County, encompasses 165 acres of land zoned as “heavy industrial” in Muncy, Pennsylvania, about a mile from Interstate 180.

Since the land was previously a corn field, companies can custom design the space they lease to suit their needs, and local companies like Hawbakers, Allison Crane & Rigging, and Gibbons are being hired to complete the projects, further involving the local workforce in the endeavor.

Currently, Weatherford and GE Oil & Gas have buildings already being used for their operations and more are expected by the end of the year!

Read on about the job creation expected from the park after the following images and videos of the park. Also be sure to check out this website with news coverage as this idea has come to fruition over the past couple of years.

[myyoutubeplaylist AFD0fzKSwjY, HD214ddH1cY]

Bringing Jobs to Lycoming County

With new business comes new jobs to the community. Weathford, whose warehouse and yard are already operational on its 22 acres, has hired about 200 people this year and has plans to build 3 more facilities in the park. When FMC Technologies, GE Oil & Gas and Blackhawk, LLC’s building are complete there will be more than 400 additional people working at the park and that’s just the projections for this year! At a time when our community so desperately needs jobs, there will soon be even more to go around for the local population.

Open House and Charity Event

Last week I had the opportunity to attend an open house for the park sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce and Fishlips, LLC, where companies were asked to donate money to the Community Flood Recovery Fund.  The fund is helping Lycoming County families after the devastating flood last month. I was honored to be able to present a check from Energy In Depth and encourage anyone who is able to please get a hold of the Chamber of Commerce to find out how you can help.

Efforts from the event raised over $4,000, of which Blackhawk Specialty Tools donated $2000!

Now, why the event’s purpose was more social than educational, there were some great speeches given by Vince Matteo, President and CEO of the Williamsport/Lycoming Chamber of Commerce, Senator Gene Yaw, and Fishlips, LLC  co-founder, Brent Fish, detailing more of the project and naming some of the key people who helped to make it a reality. Please take a few moments to watch and again visit this website to find out how you can help the flood victims of Lycoming County.

[myyoutubeplaylist gpn8SCu2CuY, bu_yl_W9Q7w, 3-3vAzEp5FU, RMy23u1u_ek]


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