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Marcellus Workforce Education Just Keeps Getting Better

October has been a great month for workforce development in the natural gas industry in Pennsylvania. From high school initiatives to a hands-on guide for the types of careers available thanks to Marcellus Shale, the educational sector continues to ensure the local workforce has every opportunity to become prepared to work in this growing industry.

Careers in Energy

West Side Career and Technology Center (CTC) recently teamed up with Cabot Oil & Gas and Baker Hughes to kick off the Careers in Energy program, which gives students in grades 9-12 the opportunity to learn about various energy sector jobs throughout our region.

Nancy Tkatch, the Administrative Director of West Side CTC, had the following to say about the program and the need to begin career education early on in high schools.

For the first event, Cabot brought in geologists, a hydraulic fracturing control van, wireline and other pieces of equipment to help the kids visualize some of the roughly 150 different positions the natural gas industry has to offer.

Geologists speak with students at West Side CTC

Geologists speak with students at West Side CTC

Karen is a local from Dimock, Pa., who now does sales for Baker Hughes. She talked to EID about the career opportunities now available in her community.

Students will also learn about opportunities in coal, wind, solar, biomass, nuclear and other energy industries operating in Pennsylvania, and speakers will provide more in-depth presentations on their particular career paths.

ShaleNet Releases Career Guide

ShaleNet, a grant program from the Department of Labor that offers training programs and curriculum for the natural gas workforce, just released a Career Guide detailing various jobs in this industry. From the guide:

“Careers in the oil and natural gas industry are diverse and vary in skill level and educational attainment. The industry, especially the Shale oil and Shale gas industry, is also growing rapidly meaning that employers are frequently in need of skilled men and women who can fill their positions.

“For youth and adults interested in exploring these career fields, however, searches can be confusing, frustrating and fruitless. This Guide to Careers in the Oil and Natural Gas

Industry offers information and resources to determine if this industry aligns with your career plans and interests. It also provides information regarding what level of education is needed for specific occupations, what skills are typically required, and wage ranges that can be expected.” (pg. 4)

Positions highlighted in the guide vary greatly, but the information available about each is both detailed and easy to digest. Here’s an example:

marcellus graph
According to the Marcellus Shale Coalition, “Overall, nearly 75% of all new hires into Marcellus-related jobs call Pennsylvania home-—finding employment where they are living and raising their families.” Those numbers will only continue to improve as the local workforce develops the skills necessary to work in the natural gas industry – results that these workforce education programs are well-positioned to deliver.

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