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Marietta Times Editorial: Ban on Resource Development Ill Advised in Ohio

The Marietta Times this week published an editorial railing advocates of banning natural gas development in the Buckeye State.  The article rightfully indicated that such a measure is out of touch with the needs of Ohioans and the continued development of Ohio’s economy through the responsible development of natural gas from the state’s shale resources.

The paper correctly points out that shale gas development has been occurring for decades with no significant environmental impact despite claims being levied by critics seeking to advance another narrative based on fear and speculation.   The paper lays this out in pretty clear terms:

A variety of studies of fracking and other technologies used in gas and oil drilling already have been completed. To date, none has cited any particular danger from the practice.

 In fact, natural gas extraction from shale has blossomed in recent years with little environmental impact as shale plays like the Utica, Marcellus, Barnett and others have been safely developed.  This is noticeable in statements by EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson and regulators from 15 different states who have all declared the process of fracturing can, and is, being done safely and responsibly.

Given this track record of responsible development the paper advocates against a ban on continued development.  Doing so would only halt the progress hydraulic fracturing has brought to Ohio and other states throughout the nation.  In their advocacy against an ill-advised ban the paper recognizes the benefits development of shale gas has brought including the revitalization of communities, lowered natural gas and electricity prices prices providing significant consumer savings, and the revival of some of the nation’s most belleagured industries- like steel right here in Ohio.

Given the potential benefits that exist for Ohioans and our state’s economy continuing the safe and responsible development of our natural gas resources is the right choice for Ohio as the Marietta Times made very clear.

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