Massachusetts AG Marches with McKibben as She Fights Accusations of Political Bias

Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey, one of the AGs who launched a climate-related investigation into ExxonMobil, has been fighting accusations of bias after a federal judge issued a discovery order to her and New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman to determine if they were acting in “bad faith.” In an even bigger blow, that same federal judge even asked in a recent hearing if the two AGs were “trying to further their political agendas by using the vast power of the government to silence the voices of all those who disagree with them?”

But Healey didn’t help her case this weekend as she tweeted out photo after photo of herself hobnobbing with the key players in the #ExxonKnew campaign at the Climate March in Washington, D.C.

Healey tweeted a picture of her cozying up to co-founder and key #ExxonKnew activist Bill McKibben, perhaps the most notable figure calling for state AGs to prosecute Exxon for climate wrongthink. McKibben also held a mock trial for Exxon at the Paris climate conference, and he has spearheaded numerous political stunts, like filming divers with crime scene tape claiming Exxon “killed the coral reef.”

In another tweet, Healey strikes a pose with #ExxonKnew activist Peter Frumhoff. Just as a refresher, Frumhoff – along with fellow #ExxonKnew buddy Matt Pawa – briefed the AGs ahead of their infamous March 29, 2016, press conference with Al Gore. New York AG Eric Schneiderman’s office famously ordered them to keep that bit of information hidden from the press.

Healey also hung out with Sierra Club Director Michael Brune and Gene Karpinsky of the League of Conservation Voters, calling their work “vital.”

Here’s the video of her speech, where she stood shoulder to shoulder with anti-Exxon activists and declared, “I am with you and so proud to be with all of you.”

But that’s not all. Healey also went on the left-wing network Democracy Now to discuss her investigation:


Healey’s activist supporters are pretty grateful considering what was tweeted out here:

Healey’s office has attempted to deny any appearance of bias, but this is clearly an instance where actions – and photos – speak louder than words.

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