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Meet EID-O’s Newest Team Member

Hi, I’m Anne Carto and I am the newest member of the EID-Ohio team.  Needless to say I am very excited to be joining the team and all the good work they are doing discussing ongoing oil and gas development in the Buckeye State!

A little about me. I am a recent graduate of Ohio University, where I earned a degree in political science.  Since then,  I have had the opportunity to participate in government of all levels which allowed me to build relationships, in both the public and private sectors, which I hope will prove helpful in getting the facts out on what responsible resource development can do in and for Ohio.

I grew up in Mansfield, and with EID, that’s where I’ll be based once again. As a lifelong resident of “small town” Ohio, I beneift from a ground-level view of the challenges that communities like mine face on a daily basis. Indeed, for far too long, our communities — the backbone of our state — have struggled. But this is now changing thanks to the safe, and proven, development of our homegrown energy resources from the Utica — as well as other formations that we’ve been producing from for years.  Thanks to these opportunities, our state’s communities have the ability to change their economic fortunes which is already helping to improve our quality of life.

These opportunities could not come at a better time, as many of our communities are in dire need of revitalization.

In the ongoing conversation of domestic and homegrown energy production, it is important the public learns the history and the facts of Ohio’s time-tested and proven energy production methods.

The facts are on our side. I am excited to make sure Ohio’s residents understand the direct and positive impact this development can have – and is having – in bringing jobs to a state once plagued with stagnant unemployment.

That’s what attracted me to EID: The incredible opportunity to engage with Ohio’s citizens about the real positive impacts of continued energy development here close to home and how it can improve our communities and our future.  I look forward to working with many new people in the months to come, and share in the numerous success stories happening around our great state.

With all this in mind, I’m excited and ready to help lead the conversation on the positive opportunities shale development provides Ohio’s workforce, communities and families.

This is an exciting time in Ohio’s history, one that will see our state emerge as a leader in energy production and job creation. I couldn’t be happier to be a part of this, and in turn am eager to do my part to ensure Ohio’s and climb back to prosperity.

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