Memo to Reporters: #ExxonKnew Activists Have Zero Expertise on Human Rights (So Stop Quoting Them)

As stories continue to develop around the nomination of ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson for Secretary of State, #ExxonKnew activists continue to demand that reporters include mention of their efforts in their stories, notwithstanding their overall irrelevance to the question of whether the secretary-designate will be confirmed by the Senate.

These efforts, heretofore, have not been terribly successful, with the vast majority of reporters focused much more on issues related to foreign policy and geopolitics than on providing a platform for discredited #ExxonKnew activists. It got so bad recently that the far-left group Media Matters felt compelled to issue a memo to journalists scolding them for their accurate portrayal of Tillerson’s leadership on climate issues, and demanding that the #ExxonKnew crowd be given more real estate in these pieces.

Against that backdrop, we were surprised to see #ExxonKnew activist Carroll Muffett of the Center for International Environmental Law (CIEL) turn up this week in Energywire (of all places) to opine on Exxon’s human rights record (of all things), even though Muffett has literally no expertise on any of the subjects being discussed in the article…

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