Memo to Volz: The Internet Is Forever

A new, hard-hitting and incredibly revealing video (not produced by Energy In Depth, unfortunately) has a home here on our blog. The six minute video’s main character (and he’s quite a character)? Conrad ‘Dan’ Volz, a soon-to-be former assistant professor at the University of Pittsburgh.

This isn’t Mr. Volz’s first rodeo on EID’s blog, but given the host of baseless, ridiculous and downright nutty claims he’s made over the months regarding American natural gas development and hydraulic fracturing, we think this video serves as a prudent reminder to trust, but verify.

A quick walk down memory lane for those less familiar with Volz.

Last Sunday, following the initial release of this video (hat tip to JunkScience and Commonwealth Foundation), the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reported that Mr. Volz was leaving the University of Pittsburgh. Mr. Volz, who testified last Tuesday before the U.S. Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, was reminded of this news report by panel’s top Republican, Senator Jim Inhofe (see 3:50 of this hearing video).

In a follow up story, the Tribune-Review reports this last Tuesday:

A researcher and Marcellus shale drilling opponent who said he is leaving the University of Pittsburgh over “philosophical differences” can speak his mind about environmental dangers of natural gas extraction, Pitt officials said yesterday.

Researcher Conrad “Dan” Volz told the Tribune-Review for a story on Sunday that he would step down as director of Pitt’s Center for Healthy Environments and Communities because the university said he could not be an advocate for public and environmental health causes. He said yesterday that he expects to leave by the end of May.

“The university does not oppose Dr. Volz’s personally held views,” said Allison Schlesinger, spokeswoman for Pitt’s Graduate School of Public Health, where Volz worked since 2004. “He, like any other researcher or faculty member, has the academic freedom to study and research anything he’d like and to express his views based on that research and study.”

And while it remains uncertain as to whether or not the former assistant professor will be able to secure Pitt basketball season tickets (or Panther football tickets) moving forward, Mr. Volz – the Godfather of FracTracker – writes this in a recent ‘Citizens Concerned about Natural Gas Drilling’ Google Group thread:

“AND FOR PA-WV-MD AND oh we will have a potential 100 million dollar market.”

Enjoy, folks.

Click HERE to view this must-watch video.


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