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Mayor Ryan’s Misplaced Priorities

Victor Furman
New York Landowner

Binghamton mayor Matthew Ryan is looking into ways the City of Binghamton can help get water to people in Dimock, Pennsylvania.  This is the same Mayor who recently announced there was no money to fix the heating system at the Greenman Senior Center in Binghamton and had the center closed.  Mayor Ryan now wants to help people in another state while turning his back on senior citizens in the city where he is Mayor!  What kind of man is this?

The Mayor’s personal agenda of opposing natural gas development should never be advanced at the expense of taxpayers and residents.  Binghamton deserves a mayor whose priority is the citizens he was elected to represent.  Mayor Ryan, however, apparently has quite different ideas as to what a mayor’s job is.  Here is what he told the Binghamton Press:

Our neighbors to the south have contacted us about their very distressing situation,” Ryan said, “and we’re looking into ways we can provide mutual aid.

Are you kidding?  The mayor of a city so down and out it can’t keep its senior services going, fix its sewage treatment plant or collect its water bills is going to use Binghamton City taxpayer funds to serve the ideological desires of a distinct minority (mostly from far outside the City) who would bankrupt this entire State before allowing natural gas development!  What is going on here?

Greenman Senior Center – Less Important Than Dimock to Mayor Ryan (WBNG)

And, by the way, does the Mayor know he needs a permit to haul water into Pennsylvania?  Has he received a request for Mutual Aid by Dimock Township? Does he know the EPA just found Dimock’s water to be safe?  Your guess is good as mine but knowing Mayor Matt Ryan …

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