Minnesota, D.C., and Baltimore Under the Microscope for Accepting Controversial Help From Special Interests

The Minnesota Attorney General’s office is more than a thousand miles away from New York City, yet Michael Bloomberg’s money and influence are felt even there. A new lawsuit is challenging whether Minnesota AG Keith Ellison is able to accept a “Special Assistant Attorney General” from NYU School of Law’s State Energy and Environmental Impact Center (SEEIC), a program created by former New York City mayor and billionaire Michael Bloomberg.

Doug Seaton, president of the non-profit Upper Midwest Law Center, announced the lawsuit against the Minnesota AG for hiring Pete Surdo, a fellow with the SEEIC. Troublingly, however, the Minnesota AG isn’t the only official to accept “free” counsel funded by third parties with a clear agenda. Recently, new documents revealed that both Washington, D.C. and Baltimore have solicited and retained outside counsel provided by an activist group. These findings raise questions about how special interests could be guiding the agenda of these attorneys general.


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