MSNBC’s Dylan Ratigan to Gasland’s Josh Fox: “I’m not looking to get a propaganda speech from you”

Earlier today, Gasland producer Josh Fox appeared on MSNBC’s Dylan Ratigan show, where he rattled off his same tired, debunked talking points like a broken record. However, Fox – who’s become somewhat of an MSNBC regular – was forcefully challenged on the facts by Ratigan, and pressed to outline his energy ‘plan’ to fuel America’s economy on exclusively wind and solar. (NOTE: According to the independent U.S. Energy Information Administration, wind and solar provided 0.54 and 0.09 of America’s energy needs, respectively, in 2008.)

As you’ll see, while Fox waxes poetically about the ridiculous and fictional notion that wind and solar can exclusively drive America’s economy, Environmental Defense Fund’s Elena Craft – an air quality specialist – tells Ratigan this: “At EDF, I think we’re realists. We realize that natural gas is part of a diverse energy portfolio.”

This from the interview (er, Fox’s ‘propaganda speech’):

Dylan Ratigan: “Do you have a plan to run American energy on sun and wind?”

Fox: “Yes, of course.” (Yet Fox doesn’t offer such a ‘plan’; perhaps because such ‘plan’ doesn’t exist.)

Ratigan: “I get it. You believe natural gas will ruin the universe and cannot be solved. If you have an alternative, I’d love to hear it. … If you want to make a speech, put it on YouTube. I want to have a conversation to solve the problem with you. I’m not looking to get a propaganda speech from you.”

As they say: the more things change, the more things stay the same.

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