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More Scrutiny for National Groups, Big Donors Funding Colorado ‘Ban Fracking’ Campaign

In recent months, Energy In Depth Mountain States has exposed the national activist organizations and ultra-rich donors who are pushing local and statewide campaigns to ban oil and gas development in Colorado.

We have also chronicled how Washington, D.C.-based Food & Water Watch – one of the most aggressive anti-fracking groups in the country – has called in favors from Hollywood elites to try to eliminate domestic oil and gas production across Colorado.

The activists have continued to evade the facts and portray themselves as purely local. But as every day passes, it is becoming harder and harder for them to make this claim, as more people question who is actually funding these campaigns against Colorado’s job-creating energy sector.

Now, Big Green Radicals has launched a new effort to expose these efforts, starting with a full page ad in the Denver Post and a new website, complete with a video exploring who is really behind these “ban-fracking” activists in Colorado.

As more and more people ask about who is really behind these efforts, hopefully the public is a little closer to getting the answers they deserve, instead of just the ones the activists want them to believe.

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