Natural Gas: A Winning Strategy to Improve U.S. Indoor Air Quality

Natural gas has a key role to play in helping the United States to reduce emissions and improve air quality – both indoors and outdoors.

As the world looks for solutions to tackle climate change, most attention has focused on outdoor air emissions, where the United States has exceled thanks in large part to the abundance of natural gas being produced from shale. Since natural gas first became the leading source of U.S. electricity generation in April 2015, it has helped the United States to see significant emissions reductions, as International Energy Agency Director Fatih Birol recently said:

“In the last 10 years, the emissions reductions in the United States has been the largest in the history of energy.”

Similarly, natural gas is also an important fuel source for improving indoor air quality – a message that often seems to be overlooked in high-profile pushes for greater electrification and a halt to natural gas hook-ups in homes and businesses.


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