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Natural Gas Decisions Should Be Made Based on Science!

Upon watching New York Assemblyman Richard Gottfried’s explanation on Fox News of why he supported a two year extension of a natural gas moratorium in the state,  Bob Poloncic felt the need to send him a letter.

The Vestal Gas Coalition, of which I am the Chairperson, represents 62 percent of the surface area in the Town of Vestal and has reached a decision to lease our land based on sound science–something the Assemblyman seems to be dismissing. Here is the letter I sent to Assemblyman Gottfried following his interview. I urge others to also speak up and let your elected officials know you support the safe development of our natural resources on our properties.

Assemblyman Gottfried,

As Chairperson of our Pro Gas coalition whose membership represents 62 percent of the surface area of the Town of Vestal, I was appalled at your clear unwillingness to accept federal EPA, State DEP and the many professional health studies stating there is NO evidence of environmental harm to our water, air or public health resulting from industry practices of hydraulic fracturing technologies having been applied in 30 plus states, over a very significant number of years and millions of wells.

Poster _ Broome County Experiencing-1Your recent interview on Fox News made it very apparent you will never be satisfied with available scientific or public health studies stating there have not been ANY reasonable cause found to suggest use of the technology to harvest our abundant natural gas and oil reserves should begin in our state.

All of our environmentally concerned landowners expect and encourage that professional, ongoing studies continue monitoring the industries actual impacts. In addition there must be continued reporting of the positive and beneficial community, economic and environmental impacts resulting from the transition of other hydrocarbons to natural gas as our industrial use of it expands. As a resident of planet earth I am very pleased with these significant obvious benefits.

I am pleased that you agreed to be interviewed, as it provided  me video to share with the more than 350,000 statewide, active  business owners, trade and professional unions, landowners, charitable organizations, chambers of commerce and local town boards who trust the science. I understand none of this will change your opinion and that is not the objective. The objective is to expose your stated, unfounded reasons for voting to extend the moratorium.

Robert Poloncic

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