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Natural Gas Is Not The Real Threat to Healthy NY Communities

Bryant La Tourette discusses a recent natural gas health survey he participated in and points out the real threat to healthy communities in New York is the division of communities.

Recently I took part in a health study which was part of a national survey of a few people from North Carolina, Ohio and New York.

Here is how it started:

I am writing to invite you to participate in a research study on people’s knowledge, concerns, and information needs related to health and “hydrofracking”**.  We are interviewing between 10 and 30 people in New York as part of a three-state (North Carolina, New York, and Ohio) project.


Before I would grant an interview, I wanted to point out something that concerned me about the usage of a new slang word: hydrofracking. Many of us who have spent years searching for the responsible avenue to pursue safe natural gas extraction on private land have become cautious with interviews. We look for certain key words that send up a red flag. We know the proper name for the process of extracting natural gas using water and a sand proppant to stimulate production  is “hydraulic fracturing” (HF) or high volume hydraulic fracturing (HVHF). The “K” was injected into the phraseology about 4 to 5 years ago. Example: (fracKing, hydrofracKing). This simple injection, now acceptable in many circles, has led to much misinformation.

The interviewer’s reply to that subject (emphasis added):

Ironically, I have been using fracing in my writing about this topic until the last 2 months, where I gave into the popular convention (fracking) because I was being constantly ‘corrected.’ I hope that answers your question.

The interview was around 45 minutes, and at its conclusion, I was asked if I had any questions.

Image from the NY State of the State address

Yes, I replied, you covered a lot, but I noted there was one section that was greatly overlooked and should be in your study. This part might require a study of its own, something more serious then what “might happen.”  It is what “IS” happening: the unhealthy dividing of neighbors and communities by dissemination of misinformation from rogue groups, to media.

This is the misinformation dividing our community NOW and it has been doing so over the last 5 years and continues to escalate. This misinformation has even captured the minds and revealed the ignorance of many political leaders, from villages on up to the top. This is the true and factually “un-healthy” part of what is happening.  No issue has so divided us.

This is the biggest health threat at this time! This has been happening here in New York for half a decade and has now spread throughout the world through the bullhorn of very wealthy elitists funding the natural gas opposition.

I attached a pdf of the brochure that recently invaded our mailboxes titled ” Are You Ready,” with the following statement:

This brochure was distributed to 190,000 people in the “Target” area of NY, also called by some the “sacrifice zone.”

At one time groups touting safe energy were respectful; they truly worked with areas to protect our land and wildlife. Donations from farmers and the landowners could be counted on. Today using names and incorporating “Safe Energy” into their name for public relations appeal has not only divided communities; it has hurt those who truly mean well.

When I read the fine print on the back of the outside third panel, of this propaganda piece I saw this statement.

This brochure was made possible with the generous support of the Civil Society Institute.”

I then “Google’d” the sponsor: Civil Society Institute

Their opening statement (emphasis added):

The nonprofit and nonpartisan Civil Society Institute is a think tank that serves as a catalyst for change by creating problem-solving interactions among people, and between communities, government and business that can help to improve society.

Now tell me, how does this brochure, brought to us by this “nonpartisan” Civil Society, create “problem solving interactions among people and community”?  It doesn’t, of course.  Rather, this  uncivil partisan community-dividing brochure incites fear without any support behind its claims.  It is fear-mongering of the worst, making a lie of everything the Civil Society Institute says about itself.  This is, sadly, only the most recent of many such gutter level tactics designed to manipulate and illicit fear – all perpetuated by people claiming to be on the high road.

Healthy verified legitimate information that helps people understand the plain truth without propaganda and drama designed to incites fear, brings respect and people together.

Do not kid yourself.  This is a very well funded propaganda public relations campaign. The CEDC (David Slottje and company), the group giving “pro bono” services (free) to villages and towns, is also funded by the same organization (CSI) that put out the brochure in question.

There is one outstanding fact in all of this mess. New York State has not released the regulations on natural gas harvesting. Until those regulations come, any and all speculation about what they do or don’t do is moot.  Millions of dollars and thousands of hours have been wasted that could have gone to something positive and productive instead of second guessing and trying to supersede New York state law, as municipalities have attempted to be their own DEC.


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