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Natural Gas Opponents Hope To Capitalize on Natural Disaster [UPDATED]

Natural gas opponents are looking for opportunities to benefit from a prospective natural disaster by capturing photos and videos of development sites impacted by a hurricane that is just hitting our area.

UPDATE:  Since we put up this post up, we came across additional celebration from Texas Sharon regarding natural gas development sites and potential flooding:


Tweet from Texas Sharon


Readers of this blog will recall the infamous picture of a flooded natural gas rig PennEnvironment put out last year.  You know…the one that turned out to be from Pakistan.  Well, it appears natural gas opponents haven’t learned anything and are waiting with anxious anticipation to capitalize on Hurricane Sandy.  They’ve put out the call to get some “great ammo” by videoing the impact of a storm on natural gas development sites.

We found this on the Sierra Club’s Atlantic Chapter Facebook page:

Screenshot of Post on Sierra Club’s Atlantic Chapter Facebook Page

There was also this on another Facebook page where several supporters offered helpful advice while spreading the word, Rebecca Roter being a rather well known natural gas opponent from Bucks County:

Will this effort produce another Pakistan flooding picture?  It’s hard to tell but one thing is for sure and it is that our friends on the other side love misery.  They absolutely thrive on it, hope for it and seek to exploit it.  That tells us all pretty much everything we need to know, doesn’t it?


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