New API Survey: Majority of Americans Back Candidates Who Support Fracking

A new survey conducted by Harris Poll on behalf of API has found that a majority of voters will support a candidate who backs expanded oil and gas production.  The poll was conducted by telephone in May and covered a bipartisan mix of 1,001 registered voters from across the United States. API President and CEO Jack Gerard noted that the survey “makes clear that when it comes to energy, what matters to most Americans is that they want and expect reliable and affordable energy.” Here are some results from the poll:

  • 80% of voters agree that increased access to domestic oil and natural gas resources could help lower energy costs for American consumers.
  • 82% of voters support increased development of the country’s energy infrastructure.
  • 71% of voters oppose legislation that could increase the cost of oil and natural gas operations and thus potentially drive up energy costs to American consumers.

For most readers, these results are a no brainer. Who wouldn’t support increased access to domestic oil and gas so Americans can get energy at lower costs and increase energy security?

Despite the fact that a clear majority of Americans support a robust and capable energy industry, activists are trying desperately to get anti-fracking measures on local ballots and into the Democratic platform.  But as these poll results show, these groups are fighting a losing battle.

Ban-fracking proposals have been publicly rejected by prominent lawmakers on both sides of the aisle. Governors John Hickenlooper (D-CO) and Governor Jerry Brown (D-CA) have spoken out in support of fracking, with Governor Brown saying that a ban on fracking “doesn’t make a lot of sense.” Hillary Clinton’s campaign advisor John Podesta has also echoed that sentiment, pointing out that opposing all fossil fuels is “completely impractical.” Even President Obama has come out to support development by the oil and gas industry. As Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) explained, “Democrats throughout the country have supported fracking. The President has, most of us have, and it’s worked out quite well.”

Of course, it’s not just Democratic lawmakers that are backing the oil and gas industry. The new API poll, which covered a bipartisan pool of voters, shows that a majority of Americans from across the political spectrum also reject the goals of these radical groups.

As Jack Gerard explained, the United States “is the number one producer of oil and natural gas in the world,” and has become a “global leader in reduced carbon and other emissions.” If the new report is any indication, majority opinion will continue to keep this highly successful “U.S. model” of energy production and emissions reduction above the influence of these radical activist groups.

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