New Barnett Shale Air Emissions Study: “No Significant Health Risks”

Yesterday, a lengthy, $1 million study evaluating air emissions associated with natural gas development from the Barnett Shale near Ft. Worth, Texas was released. The city of Ft. Worth announced this upon the study’s release: “A comprehensive evaluation of gas exploration and production sites ‘did not reveal any significant health threats.’”

Ft. Worth Mayor Betsy Price notes that “It’s good to hear that ERG didn’t find an immediate health risk from these gas production sites.” Overwhelmingly, the media reported this positive environmental news accurately, save for Bloomberg News.

Here’s what they’re saying:

  • No ’significant health threats’ found in air quality study: A long-anticipated air quality study released Thursday by the city found five natural gas sites with high emission rates but “did not reveal any significant health threats” to residents. (Fort Worth Star Telegram, 7/14/11)
  • Study: No “Significant Health Risks” From Natural Gas Emissions: An air quality study of natural gas drilling sites in Fort Worth found no significant health threats, the city said Thursday. The long-awaited study by Eastern Research Group Inc. looked at the impact of natural gas exploration and production on Fort Worth’s air quality. According to the study, emissions do not reach levels that cause adverse health effects, although five sites have emission rates that exceed regulatory thresholds. Mayor Betsy Price said she was encouraged by the findings. (NBC Dallas-Fort Worth,7/14/11)
  • Fort Worth air quality report released: The long awaited study by the Eastern Research Group did not reveal any “significant health threats.” … Fort Worth’s new mayor, Betsy Price, said the report’s conclusions brought a sense of relief. “We’ve all been sitting on pins and needles waiting to see,” she said. “I hope it makes people feel better.” She called the report the most comprehensive study of its kind, and said it should relieve fears about pollution from gas drilling. (WFAA-TV, 7/14/11)
  • Study: FW gas industry causes little air health concern (Dallas Business Journal, 7/14/11)
  • Drilling in Fort Worth isn’t harming health, study says (Dallas Morning News, 7/14/11)

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