New Climate Litigation Campaign Touts Failed Strategies From Failed Presidential Candidate

A new activist campaign has popped up seeking to promote climate litigation against major energy producers, but its leaders aren’t disclosing their donors and they’re endorsing a legal strategy that’s already a proven failure.

Called the “Evergreen Action Plan,” it’s been authored by formers advisers to Washington Governor Jay Inslee who repurposed the climate change policies from Inslee’s short-lived presidential campaign with the purpose of creating “a roadmap for national mobilization; a governing document for our nation’s lawmakers.” They make it clear it’s an “open source” plan to be used by a Democratic president and Congress.

The plan is a recycling of unrealistic energy and environmental policies that have already been rejected by voters, law enforcement, and courts around the country, but does link to the law firm that’s been at the center of the climate litigation campaign.

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