New Motion Seeks Details on Maryland AGs Use of Bloomberg Funded Attorneys

A new court filing in the lawsuit against Maryland Attorney General Brian Frosh seeks to further pull back the curtain on the Michael Bloomberg-backed State Energy and Environmental Impact Center (SEEIC) at the NYU School of Law, and the program’s continued efforts to place privately-funded attorneys focused on climate change and prosecuting energy producers in state Attorneys General offices around the country.

Brought by Government Accountability and Oversight, P.C. (GAO), the filing calls for the release of Frosh’s “application” to hire two “Special Assistant Attorneys General” through the SEEIC program, which would provide details on how the Maryland AG’s office sought to deploy these privately-funded SAAGs. The motion notes that Frosh is the only AG of the 11 whose work is being supported by Bloomberg-funded SAAGs that is withholding his application from the public.

Making Frosh’s application for SEEIC support public is vitally important for several reasons. Read the full blog post on

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